DIY Drawer Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I dragged myself away from the computer to spend a bit of quality time with a paintbrush. We have a set of drawers which have been gathering dust in the spare room for too long now, so I decided to give them a new look and here I am today to show you my DIY drawer makeover. We bought them when we were still living in the flat as a temporary measure to store some clothes but to be honest they were pretty terrible at it. YOU HAD ONE JOB, DRAWERS. God.

Anyway, knowing that they wouldn’t be used for that purpose again I was free to commandeer them for my craft room. Yes, you read that right. I have a dedicated room in my house simply to indulging in my crafty pursuits and I’m not even ashamed.. In fact, I LOVE IT! It’s honestly my favourite room in the whole house and, coincidently, it’s also the only room that’s completely decorated. Go figure? I plan on sharing that room with you all here in the very near future, but for now you get a look at one of the projects that contributes to my happiness in the space!


The item in question? Well they are the Rast drawers from Ikea and for a grand price of £20 they’ll do for storing some craft supplies! They come in an unfinished wood which I knew I could jazz up with a lick of paint and that’s exactly what I did! 3 coats of Johnstones Speciality Paints All Purpose Primer did the trick and I was faced with a set of drawers much more to my liking! Hold on, I know you’re wondering why I just used a primer and not actual paint and the answer to that question is that it was an accidental purchase 6 months ago. It worked like a charm because of the unfinished wood, but I imagine if it was already stained then I would have been in deep doo-doo.

The fresh coat of paint certainly gave it a new lease of life but there was still something missing! So I grabbed some oilcloth (this duck egg spotted oil cloth to be exact) and lined the inside of the drawers for a pop of colour. I then added another piece to the top on the dresser to jazz it up a bit more and there you have it! From a ‘meh’ set of drawers to a pretty and functional storage solution, my how you have come up in the world!



Doesn’t that look so much better! I’ve filled the drawers with fabric and knitting supplies for now and it’s working out pretty well. It’s currently sitting at the end of my work desk and everything is so easy to reach. Considering it only took a couple of hours to makeover, I think this is a pretty decent job. I can’t wait to show you the rest of the room but for now I’ll leave you with the money shot – the before and after!

dresser before after



2 thoughts on “DIY Drawer Makeover

  1. You did an awesome job! I did a small dresser like that once with pretty paper on top & modge podged it! So easy & fun! Visiting today via Marvelous Mondays link up! I look forward to your visit soon at

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