One Song Workouts

Have you heard of One Song Workouts? The clue really is in the title… Basically it’s a short, but intense, workout which only lasts the duration of a single song! Not one to miss out on a fad I gave it a go and I have to say it’s not a bad way to get your blood pumping! I have a love-hate relationship with exercise, meaning that I love to moan about it and I hate every thing but running outside. I get bored pretty easily so the short bursts of activity suit me to a tee. I’m not ashamed to admit that I did them during the ad breaks of my favourite TV programmes.


Follow Boldly Gold’s board One Song Workouts on Pinterest.
I rounded up a whole collection ofone song workouts and shoved them into a Pinterest board which you can browse at your leisure 🙂 If you like what you see then why not follow the board so you will be the first to see any new additions! FEEL THE BURNNNN.//


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