Garden Revamp

After living in a variety of flats for the past 5 years I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a garden! It’s so lovely just to be able to pop out the back to sit in the sun! I have my fingers and toes crossed or a glorious summer this year and that means that I will be spending LOTS of time in the garden, however right now it’s looking less than stellar… We definitely need a garden revamp.20130920-091824.jpgIt’s a bit of an odd shape but larger than most of our neighbours because we live on an end plot. You might be wondering why there’s a random paved square in the middle? Well, that the only part of the garden that gets a decent amount of sunshine due to the way the house is built… Less than ideal but I’ll take it! The slide is a remnant of the previous owner and I’m ashamed to stay that after 6 months living here, it’s still there! There’s lots of storage in the form of a shed and bike shed (these are sadly no-go zones for me – phobia’s be damned!)

The grass is looking pretty rough right now because we have in infestation of moss! I spent a good part of Sunday going over the whole thing with a rake like a woman possessed. I actually put my back out in the process… Apparently I was not built for manual labour. Thankfully I’m told this can be remedied with a good dose of phosphates which don’t seem dangerous at all!

I desperately want to make a herb garden because I’m sick of buying basil in crappy little packets and it going off after 3 days! Something like this would be perfect!


DIY Vertical Herb Planter
DIY Vertical Herb Planter (via)

I also want to add some seating to the paved area. I’ve had it in my head for ages that I want to whip up a palette sofa but a lack of power tools and upper body strength has me questioning this whole plan! If anyone out there has ever made a sofa out of pallets then please get in touch so I can pick your brain 🙂

Finally, I will definitely be adding some flowers to brighten up the place! We are renters so there will be no major landscaping going on but I think a few pots and watering cans filled with blooms would look lovely! Can’t wait for summer!


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