A Great TV for Less Than £150!

Last week we bought a TV for our bedroom. Initially I was totally against the idea – in my mind a TV provided too much distraction from sleep and oh how I need those precious hours. Ian was pretty persistent so I eventually I agreed to having a TV, but only if it met my very specific requirements.

  • It could be no more than 24 and no less than 22 inches in size
  • It had to be as flat as a pancake
  • It must have a 1080p screen (technology, yo!)
  • It must have a built in DVD player
  • It must be able to connect to the internet and include Netflix.
  • It must be less than £150

Why so specific? Well I was pretty adamant that I didn’t want a TV that would go ‘out of date’ within the next 2 years. That’s why I wanted internet capabilities. I quietly chuckled to myself knowing that no TV could ever meet these impossibly ridiculous standards…. But I was wrong!

doge edit
If you understand this edit then you get 10 points. I love a meme.

Enter the Bush 24 inch (check) Full HD 1080p (check) TV/DVD combo (check). It comes with a dongle (love that word) which hooks up to your internet and is pre-programmed with Netflix, YouTube and Skype. All of this for just £149.99? DING DING DING we have a winner!

photo 4

We bought if from Argos for the grand total of £149.99 and I’m as pleased as punch with it. It’s pretty slim and fits on our dresser nicely. The picture quality is spot on and the sound is great for a small room. I would definitely recommend this bad boy if you’re looking for a TV for your bedroom on a relatively small budget. Everything is built in so there’s no nasty wires and other boxes cluttering up your space. I have to say I LOVE watching Netflix in bed without the worry of my laptop burning through the mattress, and this guy’s pretty happy about it too…

photo 2







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