Effaclar Duo Plus

I have been using the La Roche Posay range of skincare for over a year now and I absolutely love it! First I bought the Effaclar K serum which was just a bit too drying for my skin. Then I jumped on the Effaclar Duo bandwagon and I was a happy lady… Until they released their newest offering, the Effaclar Duo Plus

effaclar duo plus

I have really oily skin and tend to suffer breakouts of spots all over mon visage (sexy, right?) so while I was happy with the original Effaclar Duo, it was only managing to keep my breakouts somewhat at bay. I have a fair bit of light scarring on my cheeks and chin mild acne, and my big girl spots were only adding to that problem.

I started using the Duo Plus about 6 weeks ago so I feel that I can give a true and honest review. So, what’s my verdict? This stuff is the bee’s knees! I have noticed such a difference in my skin – spots are almost non-existent and when I do get one (hormones much?) it goes away after 2 days – tops – and doesn’t leave a mark. I’ve also noticed that the redness in my cheeks and chin has totally calmed down and even my mostly oblivious boyfriend has commented on how good my skin looks! If that’s not a testaments to it’s sheer power then I don’t know what is.

effaclar duo plus

I only use it in the morning after I’ve washed my face with the Effaclar Cleanser and the bottle lasts a good while. I have noticed that I’ve gone through this tube faster than the original formula, but I think 6 weeks is pretty decent for a moisturiser.

Actually, I wouldn’t really call it a moisturiser. It’s really light and feels more like a heavy serum to me. The formula is slightly more creamy than the original which I really like and as I said I think it truly does work. How does it compare in price? Well it’s £2.50 more expensive that the Effaclar Duo but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

I can’t recommend this enough if you have oily skin. I’ve even been known to recommend it to strangers harmlessly browsing the skincare aisle! La Roche Posay have a whole range of products for different skin types so the next time you’re in Boots, have a peek at the offerings if you’re looking for something new that really does work. 🙂







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