Sew Your Own Wardrobe – Brigitte Dress Reveal

I did it! *Happy Dance* I actually managed to sew a whole dress from scratch! Back at the beginning of the month I declared that I would be attempting a year of dressmaking challenges and I’m happy to report that my first project was a success! I made the Brigitte Dress from Simple Sew which was a free pattern download in the first issue of Love Sewing Magazine – and here it is!

brigitte dress

This is the first time that I’ve ever attempted to use proper dressmaking techniques like sewing darts and inserting sleeves and I’m so happy that I managed to do all of these things! I have to say though I totally wouldn’t have coped if it hadn’t been for the Brigitte Sewalong hosted by the lovely Tabitha on the Thread Carefully blog. Her instructions were second-to-none and I was flying through the steps in no time.

brigitte dress inserted sleeve


Here’s a shot of the inserted sleeve which I’m immensely proud of! this involved making small gathers which is actually a bit of a bugger! As this was my first non-disastrous foray into dressmaking I wasn’t too concerned about matching up the patterns so this is my task for next time. I did manage to insert a concealed zip properly on the first try so I’m gonna call that an overall win.

brigitte dress invisible zip
Obviously the point of a concealed zip is that you’re not supposed to know it’s there which doesn’t really work when the disastrous pattern matching does nothing but draw attention to it. c’est la vie.

I’m as surprised as the next guy this this actually fits me so well! I’m a bit of a busty lady and the darts around the chesticle area are so flattering. Also, the back darts really nip the dress in at the waist which I’m pretty thankful for.

The minute I rushed through to show Mr BG his response was ‘don’t you already have something like that?’ Which I took as nothing but a compliment. To show you how super chuffed I am here is a RARE full length picture that I struggled to take myself 🙂

brigitte dress final

Yes, it’s a bit see-though but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of lining which I plan on adding this week 🙂 All in all I’m bloody proud of myself and my sewing prowess. ON TO THE NEXT ONE!






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