Sew Your Own Wardrobe: Coco Reveal

Another month down in my sew your own wardrobe challenge and I am very happy to present my Coco reveal!

coco top

This top has been added to my weekly rotation of clothes because I love it that much! It was so easy to sew up – I just used the instructions from Tilly’s blog – and it came together in no time at all! If When I make this top again I think I will add the cuff and collar option. I went for the most simple version this time because I haven’t worked with a stretch fabric before. I will admit that I did struggle a bit with the jersey so the neckline is maybe a bit pulled in places and I do have a rogue tuck in the hem of the sleeve.

rogue tuck

It’s not perfect by any manner of means, none of my things ever are, but I can say that I made this myself and that makes all of these little imperfections OK in my book!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this fabric? It’s a lovely Ponte di Roma from Abakhan Fabrics and was only £4.60/metre – totally worth it! I cut out the pattern pieces so that lace print was at the bottom which worked out really well. It’s also SO COMFY to wear! The only adjustments I needed to make were to shorten the body and arms by 1 1/2 inches and also bring in the waist and sleeves by 1/2 and inch on either side. If I knew how to grade patterns properly then I probably wouldn’t have needed to but that’s a skill to be learned for another day 🙂

wearing coco

*Happy Face*





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