100 Happy Days

For the past few months I’ve spotted the tag 100 Happy Days floating around Instagram, but it wasn’t until a couple of my Uni chums joined in that I really started to pay attention. My friend Amanda (who you might be getting more familiar with very soon eep!) goaded me into started 100 Happy Days and as of today I am halfway through! If you’re not familiar with the premise then allow me to elaborate. The aim of the game is to post a picture of a thing that has made you happy each day for a consecutive 100 days. You then tag each picture with #100happydays and then the day that you’re on like #day37 – not exactly rocket science. Since I have reached the half-way point, I decided to show you a collection of all my images so far 🙂


That’s a lot of pictures!

I’m generally a very upbeat and optimistic person, but it’s been really nice to remind myself to capture the happy parts of my day (especially on a Monday when I have the SEVERE weekend blues). The Nostalgic Nancy in me is also getting a big kick out of looking back on all that can happen in 50 short days! To recap: I’ve been to Spain and back twice, mourned the 6 year anniversary of my Prom, made my first dress, got all up in my crafty business, went to the Radio 1 Big Weekend, spent some lovely days with my man-friend… and SO MUCH MORE! Here’s to the next 50 🙂

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