Easy Customized Dress

Hi folks! Today I’m going to show you a super-dooper way to easily customize a dress. A few weeks ago I jetted off to a friends Hen weekend in Barcelona, and it was decided that on the Saturday night we would all wear black with tartan accessories and the bride-to-be would wear white (shock). Why black and tartan? Well black is crazy easy to come by, and tartan because we are all Scottish. Gotta love that heritage.

Now, for the life of me I could not find a tartan accessory for love nor money. I was this close to buying a scarf and calling it quits when I had an epiphany… I could just sew some tartan ribbon to my dress! I sat down one night and was finished in no time.

custom dressThe dress was originally from H&M for a whopping £7.99 and I bought 5m of ribbon for £1.81, so for under a tenner I have this cute dress which is one-of-a-kind! I started off by encasing just the hem in ribbon but then decided that the pockets needed some jazzing-up too.

custom dress hem

custom dress pocketsThe dress is meant to be quite slouchy but once I added the ribbon to the hem the skirt seemed to hang much better and seemed to develop a sense of purpose… Yep, my dress now has an attitude problem.

In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that this customization is not meant for intense wear. By this I mean don’t have a rave on a party boat and then decide to climb some rocks with a beer in hand whilst wearing said frock. Your ribbon will not cope with the un-ladylike gait and will rip at the edge – although after throw saviour stitches everything is now back in place and ready to be work for less strenuous activities.

On a completely unrelated note I have to tell you that I’m feeling very uninspired! I don’t know what’s wrong but I have a niggling feeling that it has something to do with the impending wedding guest dress which is next up on my docket. I have been putting it off like a beast so tonight is the night I will finally start putting it together. Hopefully my mood lightens and normal practice will resume shortly.





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