Hexagon Quilt

I was riffling through my fabric stash recently and discovered just how many off-cuts and small pieces I have to use up so I decided to put them to good use in the form of a new quilt. I love the look of a hexagon quilt design so I gathered up all my supplies and got to work! First I cut out my templates from thick paper and then used those as a guide to cut out the shapes. So far I have amassed 150 hexagons, or hexis as they will now be known, but I still have a LOOOONG way to go!

quilt hexagons
tip of the iceberg, guys!

My issue right now is deciding on the actual pattern I will use for the hexis. I spent a pretty pleasant hungover Sunday afternoon going through a couple of designs and have narrowed it down to the following:

hexagon flowers


hexagon quilt design

My predicament is that I have so much white cotton to use up and much less patterned fabric in this colour scheme so the majority of the quilt will be made up of the white hexis. I just don’t know how to intersperse the patterned with the plain! I’m kinda leaning towards the first one but I change my mind on an almost-hourly basis… That’s why I would love to know what you think! Which one do you prefer? Or do you have a completely different design which you would like to share? Leave me a comment or tweet me your suggestions because I’m pretty flummoxed (side note: Flummoxed it a great word and I so rarely get to use it in a sentence. VOCAB POINTS!)

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I also have a pretty in-depth Pinterest board dedicated to quilt designs that I ❤ so feel free to riffle through and re-pin the ones that get your motor running 😉




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