Quilted Make Up Brush Case

I have a tutorial for you today, folks! We’re heading away for a weekend getaway with friends at the end of the month so I thought I would whip up a quilted make up brush case – as you do. In all honesty I’ve actually needed something like this for a while so this is the perfect opportunity 🙂 The other great thing about this particular make is that I only used things I had on hand – definitely a stash-buster!

I made a quick template using a little grubby case which is way past it’s best. This is actually the case that some of my Eco-tools brushes came in! I wanted my case to be a bit bigger than this one so I graded it out and then added my seam allowance.

quilted make up brush case template

Use this template to cut out your outer fabric, wadding and lining fabric.

quilted make up brush case

Then sandwich your fabric together and start quilting. I started with the back of my case first.

quilted make up brush case

This is just a simple diamond quilting design which takes no time at all to complete but looks really professional!

quilted make up brush case

I did this on the other side of my case too… Well kind of. I may have gotten a bit distracted and only quilted lines on my second piece instead of diamonds. I also didn’t notice this until the whole thing was finished! This also wasn’t my only mistake…

quilted make up brush case

You see that? It’s an almost perfect button hole! I was so eager to get it out of the way that I accidentally sewed it on the wrong side of the case!! You would think this would have stopped me in my tracks and just pack it in right there, but no! I do not waste fabric like that my friends. Every scrap is sacred so I persisted and came up with a pretty nifty fix… You’ll find out at the end!

Ignoring my blatant mistake I basted both sides of the case together. Can I just take a sec to point out how well these fabrics go together! The floral was a freebie fat quarter from an issue of Sew Magazine and the red love hearts was some of the first fabric I ever purchased from the Cotton Print Factory.

quilted make up brush case

To finish everything off I decided that the binding the edges would give the best finish so I found some lush red bias tape in my stash and got to werk.

quilted make up brush case
The picture quality only gets worse from here… I ran out of daylight and entered the realm of ‘Who Gives a Flying ….’

Confession: I was totally intimidated by bias binding before this project but as with many other things my have-a-go-harry attitude kicked in and I conquered my fears with pretty swish results, if I do say so myself.

quilted make up brush case

BAM. Those are some (almost) mitred corners lads! Pats on the back all round 🙂 I also then sewed the buttonhole in the right place and added a button next to where the original incorrect button hole was placed. So, how did I hide my mistake? Well I just covered it up with a strip of bias tape which is the perfect thing to hold my tweezers! I’m calling it a design attribute 😉

quilted make up brush case

And here’s the case in action… Glorious.

quilted make up brush case

The great thing about this is that it will keep my brushes nice and flat when I travel with them and I can throw it in the washing machine if it gets a bit grubby. Such a stylish solution to a #firstworldproblem HA!


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