Welcome to the Family Janome

IT’S HERE!! IT’S HERE!!! If you follow this blog even infrequently then you will know that I’ve been after a new sewing machine for quite some time! It was my Birthday last week and instead of gifts I received donations towards ‘Amy’s Sewing and Crafts Fund’ from my wonderful family – they all seemed to include that name in their messages… LOVE THEM!

We spent the weekend in a rented cottage with some of our best friends but I still managed to place an order with Sewing Machines Direct for the Janome CXL301 machine and it arrived while I was at work today!


Isn’t it beautiful! I feel like it’s a boy so will have to come up with a suitable name. If you have any suggestions then please do leave them in the comments 🙂

I’m obviously just getting to grips with the newest member of my crafty family but let me share some hard facts with you which I’ve learned so far:

  • This is the Janome CXL301 computerised sewing machine and I’m in love with it.
  • I bought it from Sewing Machines Direct and I can’t rate their service highly enough.
  • On their website this is called the Janome SMD3000 as it is part of their hand-picked range of machines known for their quality.
  • I also splurged on the associated quilting kit which was a steal!
  • SMD also sent through a whole host of other goodies with my order – love them!
  • It comes with a hard case which will keep it in tip-top shape when I’m not using it (though I can’t promise that this won’t have a run-in with some spray paint in the very near future).
  • It has a top-loading bobbin which seems like a godsend and a whole host of other features that I’m trying to wrap my head round.

That’s all I’m saying for now – I really want to get to grips with Toby (I feel like he’s a Toby? No?) before I share any more deets. What I will say is that I feel like a proper sewer now with my big girl machine! Happy Amy!!


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