Wednesday WIP

Hello there chums! I’ve decided to start a new, somewhat intermittent, series called the Wednesday WIP (Work in Progress). I’ll be bringing you news of all the little things that I’ve been crafting and also updates on bigger projects.

WIP Wednesday

To start things off, I need to show you my new obsession: a Rainbow quilt! I’ve been slowly working away at this for a while and I finally managed to block some squares 🙂 The fabric is a selection of fat quarters from Hobbycraft and I’m sort of copying a design that I seen on Pinterest (obviously). Here’s where I am so far…pinwheel rainbow quilt blocks

There’s a lot of blocks still to piece but it’s coming together quite nicely 🙂 I also have to say that my speed had greatly improved due to using my fancy-ass new sewing machine! I can’t wait to break out the free-motion quilting foot!

The next little project that’s been keeping me busy is my desperate yearning to learn how to crochet! I think that this will be the best winter hobby – can totally picture sitting on the couch watching a film with the fire on in the background and Ian acting as a yarn holder <– Dream.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to pick it up quite yet! I received a lovely crochet book for my Birthday this year and that along with Youtube Videos is all I really have to go on. If anyone would like to come to my house and teach me how to crochet, that would be utterly fantastic! Until then, let me show you how far I’ve gotten…

first crochetQuick, someone call the ratchet police! There’s a rogue wielding a crochet hook and she’s not afraid to use it terribly! This is quite embarrassing to post but at least you can be assured that I keep things pretty real here, folks. Please wish me luck in my continued quest to conquer the crochet.

I would love to know what project you’ve been working on recently! Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter 🙂




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