Bad Ass Cross Stitch

In my quest for craft domination I’ve been trying out lots of different crafty things – one of them being cross stitch. When I first thought of cross stitch and embroidery I was pretty hesitant to even try it. I imagined fuddy-duddy flowers and boring ‘Home Sweet Home’ motifs but after a little bit of research I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cross stitch is bad ass! There are loads of artists bringing their own style and modern designs to the craft and some of it is definitely NSFG (not safe for grannies). I’ve dipped my toe in these crafty waters and I like it. I like it a lot.

boldly gold cross stitch

Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion! I’m going to try to jazz this up a bit but I can’t wait to get cracking with some of the bad ass designs below…

A homage to Resting Bitch Face

RBF resting bitch face cross stitchOf course there has to be a Game of Thrones reference

GOT cross stitchAnd a Harry Potter one

harry potter cross stitch dumbledores armyAnd The Walking Dead for good measure.

the walking deadHome Sweet Home with a Pokemon twist

pokemon home sweet homeMeme’s and Cross Stitch – Genius.

harry potter cross stitch dumbledores army

And finally, a company called Sublime Stitches has released a whole host of designs featuring THE MOOMINS!

moomins cross stitchWere you as terrified of this strange little cartoon as I was? Chilling! You can buy all of these patterns via their respective links, but if you’ve not quite had your fill of hilarious pop culture cross stitch designs then you should definitely check out my Pinterest board.

Follow Boldly Gold’s board Bad Ass Cross Stitch on Pinterest.


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