Bloggers Bake Off

I was one of a few lucky people to be invited to the #CurrysintheKitchen event at the Glasgow Cook School on Sunday for a Bloggers Bake Off! We were treated to a day of baking with Chef Danny at the helm and it was absolutely brilliant!

Group shot with our mixers!
Group shot with our mixers!

This was my first official blogger event and I was beyond excited and nervous in equal measures. The whole day was a blast and it was lovely to meet a bunch of Scottish bloggers! I have to say thank you to Joe Blogs and Currys for not only inviting me, but for hosting an event like this in Scotland!

victoria sponge construction
#Flawless vicky sponge construction

Each stage of baking was explained really well and then we were sent off to have a go ourselves.  I teamed up with the fabulous Jamie and Irene to make some scones, a Victoria sponge, muffins and cupcakes. Each stage was punctuated by food and plenty of tea which was ideal for Sunday baking.

The day was surprisingly relaxed for the amount of things we made! I’ll put this down to excellent planning by everyone involved. Now, if I could just get a similar team to coordinate my baking efforts at home…

I got pretty excited about using one of the Kenwood mixers on display. Needless to say this is now on my Christmas list! How have I managed to bake without one!


// there day we were asked to share our favourite baking tips with the hashtag #CurrysintheKitchen for a chance to win some prizes. Although I didn’t win I think my tip is quite good; Pop 2 different colours of butter cream into an icing bag with a star tip to get a sweet swirl when icing a cupcake! Simple, but effective :


baking haul

Needless to say we all went home with more than enough treats! The goodie bag was excellent too!

Have you been baking anything special lately? Do you like to bake with others or do you prefer to get in the zone alone?


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