Spooky Cupcakes Part 1 – Pumpkins

In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would share some spooky cupcakes! When I was planning out this post and doing a bit of research I realised that there were so many designs I wanted to feature. I simple couldn’t pick just 1 so I’ve decided to turn this into a spooky cupcake mini series. There will be 3 posts in total including today’s and I will show you how to make some ghastly treats! These would be great it you’re hosting a party or fancy doing something a bit special for your trick-or-treaters.

halloween pumpkin cupcakes

First, lets start with the basics. You will need your cupcake bases to decorate and you can choose absolutely any flavour. I decided to go with red velvet because there’s nothing like biting into a cupcake to reveal a gruesome red centre! Bake off your cakes and leave them to cool for a good hour. When they are completely cold you can start to decorate! For this first post we will be taking on pumpkins.

You will need the following things:

  • Fondant icing (orange, black and green)
  • Plain butter cream
  • 3 inch round cutter
  • *Optional* Cake decorating tools.

Start by doming your cupcakes with icing. I was taught how to do this at a cupcake decorating class but essentially you just cover the top of your cupcake with a blob of butter cream and shape it into a gradual dome.

dome cupcake buttercreamdomed cupcake

Roll out your orange icing so that it is about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out a circle with your cutter, place it in your palm, wrong side facing up, and then flip it onto your domed cupcake. Smooth out the circle over your butter cream so that the top is completely covered.

cover in fondantcupcake dome base

Now that you have a base for your design, you can start adding the details. Take a knife-like decorating tool or a simple toothpick and draw slightly curved lines down your fondant. I found it best to start 1/4 inch away from the middle and curve the line towards the edge. Kind of hard to explain but hopefully you get the idea from the picture.

pumpkin cupcake

For the pumpkin features, take a black edible pen and draw your pumpkin face. You can pick up edible pens in Hobbycraft and some larger supermarkets, but if you can’t find one then just use black fondant icing to do the details.

pumpkin cupcake features

Finally, take a very small piece of the green fondant icing and shape a slightly curved stalk. Add the stalk to the cupcake by making a very small hole at the top.

pumpkin cupcake final

I think these look so striking! You really don’t need any professional tools and they would be great to make with kids! I’ll be back on Wednesday with the next instalment – spook-tacular monsters!


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