Happy Halloween

My 4th favourite day of the year (after Christmas, Boxing Day and my Birthday) is here! Happy Halloween folks! It’s a low key affair in the Boldly Gold house today as we’re off to London early tomorrow morning, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of festive fun 🙂 Unfortunately there will be no dressing up (which I’m overly gutted about) but we did manage to carve a few pumpkins.


These are my efforts! One is the Deathly Hallows symbol (obviously) and the other is just your standard pumpkin face. I’ve been so busy this week that I honestly didn’t have time to go mad with stencils so it was a free-hand effort all the way. Also quite appropriate considering we’re visiting the Harry Potter studios for the Dark Arts exhibition on Monday – TOO EXCITED!

deathly hallows pumpkin

Mr M also got in on the fun with his contribution. I have to commend his efforts, although his photography skills need work.

pumpkins 2

Would it kill him to try and stage a photo? The picture certainly doesn’t do the one on the right justice…. It’s actually an excellent Pinocchio! You can kind of see it better in this cropped version.

Pinocchio pumpkin

So proud!

Anyway that’s our Halloween fun in a nutshell! If you’re going out tonight have a crap tonne of fun and remember there is absolutely no shame in wearing a coat 🙂 Bold Out.


**Correction: an earlier version of this post claimed that Mr M made Pinocchio when it was in face his sister. She is very clever.


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