Glasgow On Ice with Simply Health

I was offered the chance to go and check out the Glasgow Loves Christmas ice rink at the weekend as part of Simplyhealth’s Healthy Habits campaign to get moving over the Christmas period, and obviously I jumped at the chance! Here’s a little known fact about me: I can ice skate. In fact I can ice skate very well. I spent the majority of my childhood trawling around the ice rinks of this country following my brother and cousin who play ice hockey, so I know my way around some frozen water. While I’m no stranger to this chilly hobby it has been a while since I’ve pulled on a pair of skates. Nevertheless, I was pretty excited to show off my mad skills.


As luck would have it I seem to have contracted the plague so while any other sane person would be tucked up in bed, I was wrapped up like a mummy braving the elements to get my skate on. That just shows you how excited I was about it! I brought my friend Amanda along who I hadn’t seen in months and we spent a lovely hour catching up and making our way around the rink.


side note: I took my newest make out for a test run and I’ve pleased to say it survived! This is another unblogged Moneta dress which I’ll be showcasing very soon πŸ™‚ #relevant

I had big plans to take my fancy camera but it was enough of a struggle just to get out of the house never mind lugging a heavy camera along too, so the day was captured through grainy iPhone pics. Thankfully there were no collisions and we both managed to stay upright! This was such a fun way to spend time with a friend and I highly recommend that you give it a go! The rink is located in George Square until the 31st of December so why not break up the slog of Christmas shopping with a spin on the ice!



Skating by a massive Christmas tree had me feeling very festive so once we were finished, we took a stroll around the Christmas market and gorged on carbs πŸ™‚ The perfect end to an active afternoon.

I was given tickets to Glasgow on Ice for the purpose of this post. All opinions and views are truthful and my own πŸ™‚



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