Random Christmas Quilt

What do you do when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with Christmas stuff and makes? Why, add to the workload by making a Christmas quilt of course!



Where was Naomi with her Blackberry when I needed her? I don’t know what made me do it but one night I decided that I just needed to cut some squares in all the creative madness that was my craft room. I grabbed the random Christmas fabric which was actually earmarked for another project and before I knew what had happened, I had enough 4.5 inch squares to make a comfortable lap quilt. The thing is, it was so therapeutic! There’s no need to really think too hard when you’re only cutting squares so I decided just to continue and sew them together. Again, sewing in straight lines requires very little thinking. Next thing I know, I have an entire quilt pieced together in the space of a few hours.

Christmas quilt

It’s far from perfect but it was the mental break that I desperately needed. After that was done, I felt happy to go back to the harder things and made a damn good job of them! I’m calling this my pallet cleanser quilt – a Christmas sorbet if you will. It’s not to everyone’s taste, and it’s honestly a bit much for me too, but in the right light when I get The Fear this is the ideal remedy.

christmas quilt

I’ve been ill for about 4 weeks now with wicked head cold and a self-diagnosed respiratory infection that just wont quit. Add to that the stress of deadlines and you have all the makings of feeling, for lack of a better word, shite. It’s rare that I throw around words like that on the internet (my Nana reads this blog) so that just goes to show how shite I’ve really been feeling. Thankfully I live with my best friend/boyfriend who brings me tissues, rubs my back during a coughing fit and doesn’t recoil (caution: TMI) when I cough up what can only be described as milky, green jelly.

In the midst of all this nonsense, this project has been a wonderful respite. I even have a way to take the thinking out of the actual quilting part of it… But I’ll leave that secret for another post.


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