Sew Your Own Wardrobe: Kim Dress Fail

So… you know when I said that for December’s sew your own wardrobe challenge I would be making the By Hand London Kim dress? Well I did… and then I didn’t. I got as far as a muslin then the great burnout of 2014 happened and I basically quit life. I do intend to finish it eventually but that will not be soon. Instead I’m going to show you the muslin and the difficulties that I had with it which lead to the meltdown 🙂

Number 1: A full bust adjustment on a bodice like this is a total bugger. Geometry and maths are the bane of my existence so cue me ripping up variation after variation until I had something which looked almost ok. I’m pleased to report that the bodice fits my girls well with this adjustment so let us rejoice at that small victory.


Number 2: The top may fit the boobs, but it does not fit the shoulders! The straps are too far apart so I need to figure out a way to bring them in. My fitting knowledge is basically zero so I’m not sure if this is an easy fix like redrawing the pattern piece, or requires more shitty maths. This is the main reason why I haven’t even attempted to make the dress for real. One might call it a show-stopper.

Number 3: I have absolutely no idea how this happened, but my skirt pieces do not match my bodice AT ALL. It’s not like there’s a small discrepancy which I could probably eek out, I’m talking inches, people. To be fair, this realisation happened after the strap debacle so by this point I was less than willing to do the detective work. It could be that I traced the completely wrong size (more than likely) or maybe someone is playing a cruel joke on my usual sunny disposition. Either way I was all “NUT” and threw it in a corner without a further thought.


So I do not have a completed project for December but I feel little to no shame about it. I’m treating it like the disaster that was these trousers and swiftly moving on 🙂 In other news, this blog turned 2 years old today so here’s a gif to celebrate.



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