Sew Your Own Wardrobe: Bonnie Top

It’s a new month so I’m putting the disastrous December sew your own wardrobe project behind me and moving on up and moving on out (sing it like Heather Smalls). This month I’ve decided to make the BlueGingerDoll Patterns Bonnie top and I’m pretty excited about it. My wardrobe is severely lacking casual tops so this may be just the ticket. I’ve also been living in my Moneta dresses so I think it’s time I forced myself to wear a god-damn pair of trousers, and I think a knit top is a nice compromise.


For the fabric, I’m going to use a lovely grey knit which I bought on Goldhawk Road in London last November. It’s beautifully soft and has a lovely drape, although I hope it’s sturdy enough for the pattern. I’m going for view C I think, although I would like to make a neck band like view A so I’m still undecided… You’ll just have to wait and see!

My fabric colour is very similar to this swatch I found randomly on the interwebs.

As it’s a knit, it requires my arch nemesis of twin needle stitching so I’m really going to try and have a go at it again. You never know, 6th time might be the charm!

So that’s the chat for this month šŸ™‚ While you’re reading this I’ll be sauntering round the streets of Dublin on a boosey romantic getaway with Mr Sarky. I’m after a bit of souvenir fabric tomorrow so if any of you lovely readers could point me in the direction of the Dublin garment district (if there even is one) I would be eternally grateful!



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