Another Moneta

Favourite pattern alert!!! I’ve made ANOTHER Moneta dress and it’s one of my most worn handmade items, second only to my first Moneta 🙂


I think it should be a rule that everyone must have a comfortable black dress in their lives. This one ticks all the main boxes for me, as it’s fine to wear it to work and works just as well as a casual day dress. Score!

You may be tricked into believing that this fabric is just plain black jersey, but you would be wrong. It actually started life as GLITTER black jersey but during the pre-wash the twinkly bits disappeared. After a bit of a grump I switched my optimistic button on and made lemonade out of lemons.


Wow, wild hair. These pictures were taken in St Stephens Green in Dublin over the weekend. The weather was horrific so that’s why I look slightly dishevelled. For this version of the Moneta I added a tie collar which I’m pretty in love with. It looks a bit lack-lustre here and that’s because I had forgotten to add the interfacing before sewing the damn thing together. It still works though and adds a nice little element to an otherwise basic knit dress.

Also for this dress I used the recommended clear elastic, although I don’t like the gathers as much as I do when I use the regular fabric stuff. You live and learn eh! Also I think at some point I’ll take the skirt up about another half inch as it’s just a touch on the long side for my midget frame.

Anyway I’m really pleased with this dress obviously, but I’m even more pleased that I now own a pair of knee-high boots!


You can’t imagine the trouble I have trying to find boots that fit my giant calf’s! After many years of searching I finally invested in this pair from Duo who specialise in made to measure boots for all calf sizes. I managed to snag these in their January sale but they still cost me £125. Nevertheless I will apparently pay through the teeth for boots which zip over my calf’s. They’re the Halden boots if you’re interested which I believe they have been further reduced to£95 and are still available in limited sizes on their site! This is in no way a sponsored post, however if you work at Duo and are reading this, please do get in touch… I’d dance naked in the street for this pair.


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