As part of Ian’s Christmas present I took us both off to Dublin for the weekend… Got to love a gift that I get to enjoy too 🙂 We’re quite partial to a city break and having both never been to Dublin before, it was the prefect opportunity! We took an early flight on Friday morning and returned early on Sunday which meant we had 2 full days in the city. We did all the usual tourist traps like the Guinness Storehouse (which was much better than I expected) and then walked for miles taking in the city.

Guinness factory   16252852341_fc0f94666d_b

I should say that our walking was heavily punctuated with alcohol stops 🙂 On the Friday night I had booked a fancy dinner at the Bloom Brasserie which was delicious! We also wandered around temple bar and enjoyed an especially good aperitif in The Stags Head which was recommended by a guy that Ian works with who went to Uni in Dublin. 16068400529_bb811c5bcb_k

Before we left, I had reached out on Twitter to see if anyone had any recommendations on Fabric shops in the city and Angela was so kind in pointing some out to me! She did warn me that fabric was generally very expensive there and she was not wrong. I was very close to dropping a bomb on some gorgeous Irish wool, but common sense prevailed and I walked away empty handed. The only thing I did buy was this cute hand knitted, Irish wool headband out of necessity as my ears were about to freeze off.

irish wool headbandI was a bit put out when I realised that there would be no fabric coming home with me, that’s why I was delighted to bump into this lady sitting on a random stoop.

16252686801_c2203cf73e_k 15632071884_362a803382_k

Oh yeah, a mannequin covered in pattern pieces. Art for the seamstresses of the world at it’s finest! It’s so weird that a year ago I would have totally walked past this without giving it a second look and now I actually stopped to appreciate the pattern markings… Love that I have this hobby!


2 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Wowee! Looks like you had a great mini break! Ireland is definitely on my list to visit. I love the Stags Head mosaic on the floor. I am a sucker for a fabulous floor and I love the knitted headband too, they are surprisingly super cosy aren’t they!?

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