Documenting 2015 with Project Life

Look who’s introducing a new craft to their repertoire! At the end of last year I decided that I wanted to start scrapbooking in 2015 and after much research I’ve settled on the Project Life method.

To be honest, I’ve always kept mementos of trips and ticket stubs but never really had a place to put them so I think this craft is going to make me really happy. It also seems to be the craft du jour right now as I’ve just finished watching a New Years video by Sprinkle of Glitter where she talks about doing the very same thing! I’ve also ‘met’ a new Twitter friend who is starting Project Life at the same time with basically the same materials! I feel like we’re already kindred spirits haha!

So if you have absolutely not idea what Project Life is then let me explain… It’s simply a way to take the hassle out of scrapbooking. From the Project Life range you start with a binder, page protectors, a core kit filled with journalling cards and then the pictures that you want to use. The page protectors are covered with little pockets in either a 4×6 or 3×4 size and you simply either slot a card or picture into them. There’s no need to stick down fiddly bits of paper and you don’t need to worry about putting something in the wrong place!

project life kit black binder, assorted page protectors and favourite things core kit

project life heidi swapp favourite things core kit

For my first book I went for the Black blush binder and the Favourite Things core kit by Heidi Swapp which is absolutely gorgeous! I also bought a large pack of page protectors in 2 different designs so I can mix the displays us a bit. I had a bit of trouble finding the supplies in the UK but there is a website called Crafty Charlie which stocks a whole load of Project Life kit. Also have a look a Hobbycraft online and in-store as that’s where I found the binder page protectors.

To ease myself into it, I decided to fill in my first and last ‘cover’ pages. The core kit gives you suggestions as to what cards would be good in these areas, so I took some suggestions and then added others which I thought would be better for me. I also popped in a few of my favourite pictures and then embellished some of the cards. They are still a work in progress but I’m pretty pleased with how they look so far. To be honest I actually loved this part the most so I’m going to do an entire separate post on embellishments because I’m a dweeb.

project life 2015 first page favourite things core kit

project life 2015 last page favourite things core kit

I really love this idea of memory keeping as the photos are protected and stored in a place easy to share and look back on, rather than hidden on a hard drive somewhere. I’ve decided that I’m going to have a spread for each month and then a separate spread for any trips that we go on. I’ve already planned one out for out recent jaunt to Dublin! I’ve also downloaded the app so that I can plan out layouts when I’m not in the house. This is really great for when I take a picture and I can put in it a spread before I forget about it!

I’m really excited to start this project and I want to share it with you too so I’ll be posting an update of my Project Life each month. If you’re doing something similar please let me know so I can have a peek!


2 thoughts on “Documenting 2015 with Project Life

  1. Definitely kindred spirits 🙂 I think my fiancé now knows you by the name ‘blog twin’ now! haha! I love your layouts so far and am excited to follow along with your project life adventure! I seriously need to get going, I have completed the title page if that counts!? 😀

    1. That totally counts!! I can’t believe how into it I am haha! I’ve never really been one for papercrafts but this is my jam 😀 Can’t wait to see what you come up with! x

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