Meet Elsa

Meet Elsa… Elsa Mars the dress form to be precise.

dress form adjustoform dressmaking

YEAH BUDDY! For Christmas I was gifted a beautiful, new ADJUSTABLE dress form, taking my sewing game to a whole new level! This is the Adjustoform Supafit Delux and I am in loooove. I’ve had my basic form for about 8 months but I needed something that would help with fitting and this is simply ideal. I can plug my measurements into Elsa (as she will henceforth be referred to) and she acts as my body double, and until human cloning is perfected that’s as good as it gets!

Why Elsa? Well who better to name her after than the fiercest Neighbour/Nun/Supreme/Freak Show Compare modern television has ever seen? NO ONE can rock a powder blue pant suit like her highness Ms Jessica Lange. Of all her many characters on American Horror Story I decided to name her after the double-amputee-prostitute-turned-freak-show-host… Appropriate, right? Her no nonsense attitude is going to keep my sewing game tight and every time I think of leaving a seam unfinished out of sheer laziness, I’ll think of this.


I’m still playing around with the measurements trying to get it as true as possible, and I think I might need to pad out the bewbs area with an old bra (sexy, right) but I can already tell that this is going to make things a lot easier! It also has a chalk marker attached to the stand so hopefully that will negate my wonky hems. Anyway, I’m pleased as punch with Elsa and I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of her when I can’t face the thought of standing in front of a camera 🙂 I’ll leave you with some more classic Jessica Lange moments from American Horror Story for your viewing pleasure.


lange-3 tumblr_mufqsaFjr31r6y67yo1_500 tumblr_n5s4rgfSpt1r72dfyo2_250


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