Sew Your Own Wardrobe: Bonnie Dress Hack

Finished my sew your own wardrobe project for February with 2 days to spare… WHAAAAT?bonnie dress hack

Hooray for knit dresses! I don’t know what I would wear to work if they didn’t exist. This was a very enjoyable dress to make and I can see it being one of my go-to office dresses! The bodice is the bonnie top cut the the view A length and the skirt is from my trusty Moneta pattern. I used some black jersey for the contrast sleeves and love the way they turned out, although looking at these pictures I may need to take them in a smidge.

arms bonnie top contrast sleeves
Yep, definitely need to work on the fit of the arms!

Speaking of fit, I think I could have went down a size for both the bodice and skirt to give it a bit more shape but this something I can fudge easily enough. Can we just now take a minute to appreciate that bound neckband?

bound neckband bonnie top

This is the best one I’ve done so far. Even managed to get the seam at the centre back and it’s a pretty even width all the way round! I can’t say the same for the top stitching on my hem though…


Yikes! Skipped stitches all over the place! I could have tried to fix it but I was impatient to wear it so it will do for now. That twin needle will be the death of me…

So that’s another knit dress/Moneta to add to my ever-growing collection. Maybe one day I’ll actually make something not stretchy, but who knows?


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