DIY Scandal Style

Do you watch Scandal? I’m actually obsessed with this show so if you don’t already watch, I highly recommend that you jump on this particular bandwagon! It follows Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) in her quest to ‘Fix’ the problems that plague the rich and powerful of Washington D.C and it just so happens that one of clients in need of the most fixing is the President of the United States. Now, the story is excellent and it speaks to the Public Relations graduate inside of me, but one of my favourite parts of the show is the wardrobe. Let me tell you, Olivia Pope takes power dressing to all kinds of new heights. Her outfits are so talked about that a range of clothes by The Limited were released last year inspired by the many looks of Pope. Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on it without paying some hefty shipping charges and taxes from the US. So what’s a home sewer to do? Why make them herself of course! Here’s my take on DIY Scandal Style.

scandal steal the style olivia pope wardrobe pattern match

First up we have my favourite coat of  the series so far… The white capelet trench!

Olivia Pope scandal style white cape coat pattern diy match

The original is Burberry Porsum Double Duchess Caped Trench retails for around £1500 but I think you can make a similar look with the Papercut Patterns Watson Coat by adjusting the length!

Ms Pope is all about the coats and another firm favourite is this Salvatore Ferragamo wool and cashmere oversized wrap masterpiece. There are quite a few patterns out there which could be a dupe for this but I think the Project Runway for Simplicity 2311 without the belt is a pretty close call!

Olivia Pope scandal style salvatore feragamo drape coat pattern match

I mentioned earlier that OP’s power dressing game is on point and I dream of the day where I can be bothered to wear such things to my day job. I think Named has a great selection of patterns ideal for the OP look, like the Fran Tied shirt and the Cameron Flare pants.

Olivia Pope scandal style power dressing suit pattern match

Finally, things I love about Olivia Pop #3289: How she survives on a diet of red wine and popcorn while wearing elegant loungewear. I’m VERY keen to have a closet full of La Perla silk pyjama bottoms and Donna Karan draped jumpers but my bank account thinks otherwise. Cue me buying the McCalls M6658 pattern to make my own versions on a Primark budget.

Olivia Pope scandal style la perla pyjamas loungewear pattern match

So there’s my take on the wardrobe of Olivia Pope. I have to mention that the rest of the cast’s outfits are also excellent so the Scandal wardrobe department deserves many pats on the back for their efforts. I’m now off to source some silk for some OP PJ’s!


2 thoughts on “DIY Scandal Style

  1. love scandal and love her style too. i ddi nto know there was a rnage in the states, is the shipping really that much? my sewing is not up to sleek tailored peices like this 😦

    1. If you buy from The Limited site, I priced it at $145 just for the shipping on 2 items (which totalled $200)! I think some of these things would be quite easy to fit with a bit of time and luck! Give it a go and I bet whatever you make will be ace 😀

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