Avengers Cross Stitch

Back in October I had the bright idea to cross stitch the entire Avengers squad to give to Ian as part of his Christmas gift… I finished it last week.avengers assemble cross stitch

I won’t lie to you,  this was a mammoth task. Why I thought that I would be able to make it in time having only completed 1 other cross stitch pattern is beyond me. On Christmas eve I panicked and wrapped up the half-done, ratchet mess with the promise that I would one day finish it for him. To his credit he put on a lovely show of thanks and I did live up to my word eventually.


The pattern is from Pixels in Stitches on Etsy and I think it turned out really well. I have absolutely no idea how many miles of embroidery floss was used but I can tell you that it took me 21 weeks from start to finish according to my Instagram.

iron man black widow hawkeye avengers cross stitchloki thor avengers cross stitchhulk captain america avengers cross stitch

Iron Man was probably my favourite character to work on because he included no black thread which was refreshing. Thor’s pretty cool too, but I would prefer the real deal to the cross stitched version.

All in all I’m THRILLED this Avengers cross stitch is finished and equally as happy to have risen to the challenge. Also, it’s a lovely bonus that Ian seems to genuinely love it! It’s destined to be hung in his office when I can find a frame to fit 🙂


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