Rainbow Pinwheel Quilt WIP

I was going through my craft room recently and discovered a whole pile of projects that I had started but never finished. My favourite from this pile was a rainbow pinwheel quilt so I bumped it to the front of the queue.

rainbow pinwheel quilt
How difficult is it to photograph quilts by the way! Here she is in all her glory hanging over the curtain rod!


It started as a pile of pieced blocks which are now sewn together for a complete quilt top! I’m a teeny bit obsessed with the colour scheme and it really was a joy to put together whilst catching up on Pretty Little Liars.

Side note: Do you watch it? I’ve just about had it up to here with the nonsense that’s going on in Rosewood. Don’t even get me started on yesterday’s episode! I’ve made a pact with my friend that if we don’t get answers as to who A is by the end of the season, we riot.

rainbow pinwheel quilt

I’ve got the backing and wadding cut and ready to go but I need to decide on how to bind the whole thing. It’s a bit tricky choosing a colour as there’s not a predominant one and I don’t want to just bind it with white. If you have any suggestions I would be very happy to hear them! Also I’m still deciding on the design of the actual quilting. So far I’m thinking parallel lines but looking at the whole thing I don’t know if it will throw off the pinwheels? So many decisions to make!

yellow pinwheel quilt block

It’s by no means perfect but I’m really pleased with the whole thing! I’m hoping to have it finished in the next couple of months so we can use it in the garden when the weather heats up. Let me tell you, I’m more than ready for spring/summer to finally happen!


6 thoughts on “Rainbow Pinwheel Quilt WIP

  1. Totally not a quilter, but could you bind it in black (or charcoal might be softer), to almost act like a frame? I think you are right to avoid white, so failing that, I’d just pick out one colour that you like most. No idea on he quilting however. Sorry! This is really pretty, though. And well done on finishing a WIP!

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