Steak on Stones Edinburgh

Hello my pretties! I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! I spent mine being wined and dined which was excellent! I have a bit of a different post today in keeping with my weekend theme – it’s all about FOOD. Steak to be specific. A few weeks ago Ian and I were invited to try out the new Steak on Stones* restaurant in Edinburgh.

steak on stones edinburghIt’s actually a restaurant within a restaurant; I like to think of it as the younger, quirkier brother of the main Steak restaurant. The idea is that you cook your beef DIY style at your table on a hot stone. I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to cooking steak correctly so this basically has my name written all over it!

steak on stones edinburghWe were quickly shown to our table which was in a great space. As I mentioned, it’s situated in the same building as the main restaurant but off to the side with a much more quiet and chilled atmosphere which was lovely. The waitress talked us through the process and menu, and after only a short wait we were served our meat!

steak on stones edinburgh

The steak was beautifully tender and cut in ideal slices to get an even sear. We like ours a little bit bloody and it was really easy to judge the cooking time. The stone is seasoned with salt for every batch which gave it a lovely flavour. I don’t really think there was any need for a sauce however Ian’s peppercorn choice was delicious!

steak on stones edinburghIf you can’t tell by my chuffed face all of the food was really delicious. Even though cooking at the table is a novelty the experience didn’t feel gimmicky at all. If you’re looking to try something a bit different then I highly recommend Steak on Stones and needless to say we will definitely be back!

*I was invited by the restaurant to try out Steak on Stones however I was not required to post a review – I just really wanted to because I liked it that much :)*

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