Fabric Shopping on eBay

Have I mentioned that I’m on a spending ban in the hopes of saving up for a deposit for a house? Well with that in mind I’ve been on the look-out for ways to cut my spending while still getting myself ready for my summer holidays. I’m lucky to be able to sew my own clothes which definitely helps keeps some costs down but we all know that fabric can be EXPENSIVE. I want to be able to have fashionable clothes without the massive price tag, so I decided to do some fabric shopping on eBay to see if I could scrounge up a couple of decent prints. After only a quick search I had a basket-full of on-trend prints and I couldn’t push that ‘buy now’ button quick enough!

fabric shopping on ebay printed jersey cotton dirill

Can we just take a second to appreciate this selection.

I don’t know about you, but I was a bit cautious of buying fabric on eBay. It doesn’t have the same security of buying fabric from other online shops where you can order a swatch to make sure the fabric looks and feels as good in person as it does on the screen. As my main concern was price, I wasn’t too bothered about the quality of the fabric considering the majority of this stuff will only be appropriate to wear for 1-2 moths this year (damn you Scottish weather). Thankfully my fears were completely unfounded as when the fabric arrived I was so impressed with the vibrant colours and quality of the material.

My first search for ‘jersey fabrics’ returned about 14,000 results which was quite daunting and boring to scroll through. After selecting a few which stood out to me, a number of shops kept popping up and I did end up buying from a couple of them. The service was fast and delivery costs were usually free and if not then they were very reasonable considering the weight of fabric. So what did I get an where from? Well the first eBay shop that impressed me with their selection was Regency Rags.

regency rags fabric cotton drill and aztec jersey

From there I purchased 2m of this black and ocre aztec print and 3m of this absolutely beautiful cotton stretch drill (no longer available). I’m hoping to squeeze a simple maxi dress out of the aztec (I’m really short) and I think I have enough of the cotton to make a poofey circle skirt and a little shift dress.

Next up is Shazzan Fabrics who sell fabric by the metre and also in pre cut lengths.

shazzan fabric waffle jersey print geometric floral stripe

I bought 2m of cotton jersey with lycra in a black and white stripe which is destined to be a maxi skirt with a BIG thigh split. 1.5m of that mint floral waffle texture jersey also found its way into my basket, along with the same fabric in a black and white geometric print. These were both pre-cut lengths and going back I can now see that they have listed a 2m cut of the black and white which would have given me a bit more room to play with pattern matching… Oh well! All of the items I bought from this seller are now sold out which is just how it goes with eBay, but definitely check their other listings for some gems.

The final place I bought fabric from was Cheapest Fabrics UK. I found it harder to look through their listings due to their inconsistent photographs but their service was just as good as the other two shops. The fabric I chose from here was the thinnest of the bunch but I love the print which I knew would be fab as a bodycon skirt.

cheapest fabrics uk body con jersey material ikat aztec

I’m absolutely over the mood with my eBay finds and even though I got a tonne of fabric, I definitely didn’t break the bank! In total I have 11m of fabric and I spend £49.41(including shipping). That works out at just £4.49 per metre! I can tell you right now that if I was to go and pick out my summer wardrobe from the high street I would easily spend twice that amount for clothes that probably don’t fit me properly. Obviously sewing all this together is going to take a fair bit of time but to me that doesn’t really factor into it as I enjoy the process so much. I’m calling this a big fat win for eBay and my fabric stash in general. Can’t wait to crack into it!



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