Swedish Tracing Paper

Have you ever heard of Swedish Tracing Paper? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago whilst I was in the deep, dark crevasses of the sewing internet. As someone who can’t seem to resist any kind of sewing tool I thought I would give it a go and placed an order with the Swedish Tracing Paper Shop.

swedish tracing paper sewing supplies

So what is it? Well if you can imaging something between heavy weight tissue paper and very lightweight cotton fabric you might get an idea. I would say it’s marginally less transparent than tracing paper but much more flexible.

swedish tracing paper swedish tracing paper transparency

The idea is that it can be used to trace over paper patterns while also having the option to sew pieces together. Yes it can be sewn to test out fit! I’m trying hard this year to work on the fitting of my projects so this very much appeals to me right now!

swedish tracing paper sewn togetherswedish tracing paper sewn together

It’s also easy to use when making adjustments to fit as the marks show up clearly in pen or pencil and there’s no worry of chalk marks rubbing off the fabric.

swedish tracing paper markings

It comes in a 10m roll for £15 which is hella less expensive than fabric for a toile would be. I’ve being using it to both trace patterns and check the fit of garments which really does work pretty well. The pieces sewn together can then be taken apart to use as pattern pieces with all the fitting marks already transferred onto them which definitely saves a step and some time. All in all I think this is quite a handy thing to have in your sewing supplies!


4 thoughts on “Swedish Tracing Paper

  1. I have used it, but I use this stuff called sewer cloth or landscaping fabric. It is white and sorta feels like interfacing. I can sew through it, write on it with crayon or felt marker. I find it at the hardware store in the plumbing section. The roll is 300 feet long and 2 feet wide for $20 which is much cheaper than Swedish tracing paper. Not to mention in rural Maryland, the hardware store is always accessible but a good dressmaker fabric store is not.

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