July Project Life

Hola Chicas. I’m back from holiday number 2 and eagerly anticipating holiday number 3 which is less than a month away. You would think that as I’ve JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE, the holidays would be on hold, but noooooo. That’s right Ian and I have signed our lives away and are now completely tied into a mortgage on a beautiful new house just outside of Glasgow. It’s not quite sunk in yet for me, even though I’ve been running all over the joint picking out kitchens, tiles and all the other mad decisions you have to make with a new build. Still not 100% sure everything is going to go together, and if it doesn’t then I’ll just act like I meant for the house to look like it was decorated by blind toddlers. Anyway I’ll have a bit more on our ‘journey’ (sorry, couldn’t resist the blogger cliche) in a separate post some time soon. In the meantime lets get to the real point at hand – my July Project Life spread

july project life

I really like the colour scheme for this month but I can’t remember for the life of me what brand the papers are from! I think it’s a simple stories paper pad but I’m probably completely wrong. What I can tell you is that it’s full of pretty colours, ice creams, florals and geometric prints. I kept the embellishments pretty simple with a few wood veneers and some stamping with my new favourite letter set from Dovecraft. So what did I get up to? Well we ironically celebrated the 4th of July at a friend’s house with red solo cups, a BBQ and beer pong which ended with me completely inebriated. Might of had something to do with replacing the beer in ‘beer pong’ with gin. Gin pong. That’s 25 for you ladies and gentlemen.

Also of note was Ian’s sister graduating from university and we all went out to Grill on the Corner to celebrate. We were looking after her dog while they were off on holiday which was an eye-opener to say the least. Pippin is my favourite dog in the whole wide world but there’s no way I could have a pup of my own! Hats off to everyone that manages it. Finally, the big news on this page was us buying our first house! Ian and I have been living together for just over 3 years now and it’s always been in rented properties. It feels absolutely amazing to be able to buy our own place and when we told our families Ian’s mum gave us a big box of Tunnock’s goodies to celebrate. This makes sense because our house is in Uddingston right behind the Tunnock’s factory. Teacakes are Scotland’s best invention, in my humble opinion 🙂

july project life

You may have noticed that I’m only showing off 1 page of the spread as the 2nd was mostly about a friend’s passing out parade from Police school. For very obvious privacy reasons you won’t see any of that here but I will tell you that it was an absolutely lovely day! The only bits of that page I’m happy to share are some cupcakes and a cute picture of Ian and I at the aforementioned celebratory dinner.

july project life

That’s it for July, but let me tell you August will be a doosey! It’s my Birthday and I’ll also have a spread dedicated to my girlie holiday… well for the PG pictures anyway 🙂


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