Sewing Overload

Is there such a thing as a sewing overload? I the past 3 months I’ve managed to churn out item after item of what have turned out to be wardrobe staples and the feeling has been exhilarating. Urged on by my desire to make my own holiday wardrobe, I found that my production rate increased exponentially and it seemed like there wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t either sewing up a new frock, choosing fabric or planning out my next make. Now that all my holidays are over and done with, I’ve found that all my motivation has dissipated completely. This is definitely not a bad thing. After counting everything up, I realised that I have completed a total of 16 garments in less than 3 months! Only a portion of these things have been documented and now I think the majority will be left so because they’re now out of season. There’s some things in there that I’m really proud of but have yet to take actual outfit pictures, so for the sake of posterity I’m posting what I do have here so that I can give myself a little pat on the back for a job well done. a maxi dress which I’ve basically lived in all summer long.

self drafted maxi dress

I took a RTW maxi and copied the pattern straight onto the fabric (again another waffle jersey from ebay). It has a racer back, a slit up the side and is basically the most comfortable thing to be wearing on a hot day. Next up is my engagement day dress!

jersey bettine dress

I can’t actually express how happy I am that I happened to be wearing this dress on the day I got engaged. It has love hearts on it for Christ sake! This is another jersey Bettine dress like my diagonal stripe version. I liked the dress so much that I whipped this one up using a waffle knit in a quick couple of hours. I really love how the neckband turned out here as it’s actually even all the way round! I made the entire thing on my overlocker (including attaching the neckband) and I’m so pleased that this was the dress I reached for that morning.

I took my first foray into t-shirt making with both the Scout and Hemlock tee patterns from Grainline. I used leftover fabrics for the Hemlock but unfortunately I don’t have a single picture of my wearing it. I have pretty much lived in my jersey Scout Tee every since I made it 3 weeks ago but the only picture I could find is this piddly little crop from the weekend just past. The fabric is a black and white chevron cotton jersey which I’ve been hoarding for a while. So glad I finally used it!

jersey scout tee

I’m actually wearing this frock as I type but the only picture I have is of it hanging on the back of the bathroom door. This is a hacked Moneta with a raised neckline, neckband and straight skirt. I used 2 fabrics to colourblock, both of which were left-over scrap pieces from other makes (the green moneta of dreams and my Morris blazer). Such a winner and the perfect work dress. moneta hack

That feels much better. Now I can prance into autumn with without a backlog of things I want to share. I don’t know when my sewing motivation will return, but it better be soon… There’s a particular winter coat I want to make!


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