I’m a magazine.co.uk Approved Blogger!

I hope that title caught your attention!
magazine.co.uk approved blogger badge
That’s right, I’m a magazine.co.uk approved blogger. I was positively giddy when magazine.co.uk, the UK’s leading magazine subscription site, contacted me to ask if I would like to be part of their blogger programme. The absolutely excellent thing about this is that they send me some of my favourite craft magazines every month which I have the joy of reading and then write an article for their blog, The Hub. Definitely go and check it out for some excellent magazine recommendations!

My first magazine up for review is Love Sewing and I don’t think I have to tell you how excellent that particular publication is for us crafters. To stoke the fire even more, Love Sewing recently got itself a new Captain and is now helmed by fellow sewing blogger Amy, of Almond Rock Sews! You just KNOW it’s got some seriously swoon-worthy projects to get stuck into! In fact, I even made (one of) the birdie bookends from the issue!


Anyway, this was just a little heads up to let ya’ll know the great news and there will be some mighty exciting things coming your way sooooooon! In the meantime, check out the magazine.co.uk website to see the huge selection of magazine subscriptions. I even have a special little link for you which means that if you do decide to go ahead and make a purrr-chase, then I will make a small commission on your order! Obviously any money I make goes straight into the craft fund which invariably makes its way back here – everyone’s a winner! Anyway I hope you all have a fabulous weekend


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