New Obsession: Decorative Planning

I got a passion. A passion for planning… More specifically, a passion for decorative planning.

jammin on my planner

I’ve always been a list-maker, a planner, a young thug gangster… Well maybe not the last bit, but I do like to be organised. I planned my way all through high school, then in Uni and now I don’t know what I would do without a diary of some kind to keep track of my days. I upped the planner game about 3 years ago when I bought my first Filofax and since then I’ve had 2 others. They served a purely functional purpose but then I found I was getting an inordinate amount of joy from colourful sticky notes. Fast-forward a bit to me buying a MAMBI Happy Planner from Amazon and now having a full-blown sticker obsession.

I’m not the only one who shares this passion – there’s an entire community out there of #PlannerAddicts who post videos, share pictures and generally just have an amazing time showing off their fully-decorated planners. Let me tell you, in the past couple of weeks I’ve probably spent hours on Youtube watching plan with me videos – it’s so addictive! Encouraged by this creativity, I gave it a go in my own new planner and I’m just in love with the results!

october mambi happy planner decorative planning spread

This was the spread for the last week – very Autumnal, right? I used stickers from Vintage Glam Studio and Farye Plans, as well as some washi tape from Sainsburys. I love that ‘hello fall’ sticker in Monday’s top box 🙂 Such an Americanism but it’s fun! Oh, also the love heart paper clip brings from nothing but joy and is from a set by American Crafts which I found at TK Maxx.

october mambi happy planner decorative planning spread

This week I’m sticking with the Autumn colours but adding in a bit of minty green! Again most of these stickers are from Vintage Glam Studio and Farye Plans along with washi tape from the same Sainsbury’s set as before. I really like how this week if filled out a bit more though, and since taking this picture I’ve also added sticker to the bottom of the left-hand page where I jot down our dinners for the week.

Halloween october mambi happy planner decorative planning spread

I’m the most excited about the week of Halloween! As you can see it’s not filled in with writing yet but it will be! I used stickers from Wendaful and My Planner Envy along with washi from Sainsburys. The stickers in the sidebar are from Morrisons and were a gift from my friend, Sam who is also a fellow planner enthusiast! The stickers are quite puffy but that really doesn’t bother me too much.

November mambi happy planner decorative planning spread

SILVER GLITTER WASHI TAPE. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I bought a couple of rolls from eBay and it’s the best decorative planning decision that I’ve made. The stickers for this spread are all from Vintage Glam Studio’s Back 2 School printable which is free! In fact the majority of there stickers are all free printables which is fantastic if you want to get into decorative planning without the expense of buying and shipping stickers from Etsy. I’m going to share some of my favourite sites for free stickers soon so if you feel like your diary could do with a bit of jazz’ing up then watch out for that!


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