Wonder Tape

I’ve recently discovered the wonders of Prym Wonder Tape and I need to share it will all of you!

prym wonder tape stay tape

This probably isn’t new to the advanced sewists amongst us, but to me it was an absolute revelation! I LOVE sewing with knits, that’s no secret. However with certain fabrics I’ve had a bit of trouble stopping them from warping and stretching out of shape. Case in point: The most cringe-worthy example of this is shown below:


Silly, silly Amy! I will say that this disaster occurred whilst using a walking foot so I did at least try to take some precautions before I battered in. Anyway I’ve held onto this piece for quite some time now in the hopes that I can salvage it. I’m not optimistic but now with the help of my new BFF I should avoid failures like this in the future! I really love it because it’s so easy to use – just place the tape around the folded edge of the neckline, take off the backing and fold under again. Not only does this stabilise the hem, but it also negates the need for pins as everything is glued in place. Once you’re finished, bung it in the washing machine and the tape will dissolve leaving you with a beautiful finish. I LOVE this stuff.

prym wonder tape stay tape

prym wonder tape stay tape

So you have any sewing tools that you just can’t live without? Let me know as I’d love to try them out!


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