Crafts Beautiful

As part of the blog network, I get my hands on some pretty sweet crafty magazines. This month I sat down with a glass of mulled wine (seasonally appropriate) and had a good old flick through Crafts Beautiful and I was not disappointed.

crafts beautiful magazine

This issue came with a really handy bow maker as the free gift so I thought I’d give it a try. Holy perfect bows, Batman! This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time considering all the Christmas wrapping I’m about to undertake. It’s such a simple little device that takes all the effort out of making perfect bows every time. Using the two posts, you simply wrap your ribbon around a couple of times, pass one end under and over the middle and tie a knot – a child could do it 🙂 There’s a much more in-depth tutorial in the magazine and I also found quite a few helpful YouTube videos.

bow maker crafts beautiful

I spent all of 5 minutes putting together a couple of trial bows and I love them!

image image image

I can totally see me using the string of bows idea above quite a lot this Christmas. The bow buddy has measurements along the edges so you can line everything up and make sure you’re making the correct size of bow each time. Not only was I impressed with the free gift from this mag, I loved the content! There are some fantastic Christmas card ideas that I’m definitely going to save for next year.

If you’re the crafty type – and I assume you are if you’re reading this blog – you can subscribe to Crafts Beautiful from*. It would even make a great last-minute gift for a crafty little elf!


*affiliate link


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