2015 Christmas Wrapping Paper Theme

I love wrapping gifts. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the lead-up to Christmas. I like to set aside an evening or two once I have all my gifts and then just go to town on the wrapping. Each year I have a Christmas wrapping paper theme and 2015 called for white, black and gold foil.


I bought a set of 4 rolls of paper from TK Maxx for £5.99 and this also included 2 rolls of curling ribbon and 6 gold bows. The wrapping papers came in spots, stripes and plain gold and I just love them. I used black satin ribbon which I bought on eBay along with the gold curing ribbon to create a double-layered bow on each gift.

gold foil and white wrapping paper

gold foil and white wrapping paper

The tags are also from TK Maxx and I attached 1 to each gift along with a tiny Christmas bauble.

gold foil and white wrapping paper

I really love how these gifts turned out! You can never go wrong with white, black and gold foil IMO 🙂 Finally, as we give a lot of wine as gifts at Christmas, I always like to find a fun way of wrapping that up too. Last year I found some pretty appropriate socks to use as bottle covers and this year I took it one step further…

wine bottle wrapping

That’s right – a Santa costume for a wine bottle! I found these in a bargain shop for £1 each and just couldn’t resist! What’s even better is that we found boxes of chocolates in Tesco shaped like a reindeer! I would be chuffed as anything to receive this as a gift and I hope they will too 🙂


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