Christmas Baking – Mince Pies

The minute December hits I get the urge to start baking. This year I thought I would try something a bit different and make my own mince pies.

paul hollywood mince pies

Yep, they were a hit! The recipe I used also called for making your own pastry which originally put me off as I thought making pastry was hard… Turns out my fears were unfounded. The original recipe is from the BBC Good Food website and was originally written by Paul Hollywood, that crystal-eyed swoon machine.

He knows his stuff. The pastry was light and crumbly, the mincemeat additions were a lovely compliment – all in all a great Mince Pie!

Here’s the original recipe although I will say that I added an extra sprinkling of cinnamon and a touch less lemon juice. I did struggle a bit rolling out the pastry dough and it ended up a bit thicker than recommended. My kitchen counters don’t exactly help with rolling out dough as they have an faux-stone texture -_- Not to worry, in a mere 14 weeks I’ll have beautifully smooth counter tops in my very own new house! Final point I’ll mention is that I did grease the muffin tray before I put the pastry shells in to assist with extraction. I now sound like a dentist.

paul hollywood mince pie recipe

These mince pies are a winner and have the seal of approvel not only from Ian, but from my very own mother who is the star baker of the family. Seriously she is SO GOOD. Still working on getting her to agree to make the wedding cake!


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