Pyrography and DIY Wedding Decorations

Good morning folks! I’ve been a busy little bee recently and have bashed our some major wedding planning during my blog absence. We’ve made a fair bit of progress – mainly booking our Photographer, settling on a theme and also… *drumroll* I SAID YES TO THE DRESS. Obviously I can’t say much more about that but I’m absolutely delighted with all of the above! Speaking of wedding theme, I’ve started making up some of my own decor items for the day, (nothing like being an eager beaver) and thought I’d give you a peek at my new crafty tool.

pyrography kit

Pyrography. Every time I say the word, The Prodigy starts playing in my head. Not a bad thing! I spotted this little kit on sale for a tenner in TK Maxx (where else) so I though I’d give it a go. We’re going to be using a lot of wood for our wedding decor so I thought this could be a cute way to add a bit of personalisation to some items. The kit came with the pyrography tool, a little stand for it, 3 different nibs and some wood tags.

img_1732 img_1726 pyrography nibs

The idea is that you use it like a pen but instead of using ink, you burn or char your design onto wood. The pen gets wildly hot so you have to be really careful to only hold the plastic part of the tool but once your get used to it I found it pretty easy. I used the tags to practise on for a while and then when I was quite confident using the tool, I attacked these wooden hearts for a sort of ‘carved-our-names-onto-a-tree’ look.

pyrography wood burned hearts wedding decor

I think they’re really pretty! This was done with the pointed tip nib which gives the most consistent result with even heat distribution. I’ve engraved 50 of these hearts and glued them to some jute twine and they make really lovely and natural looking bunting. Things are really starting to come together now!

Glitter Hands Subscription Box

Hello my loves! It’s been a minute (actually 3 months) but there’s been A LOT going on since we last spoke – the most major event being that we moved into our new house! It’s phenomenal and I will tell you all about it soon but for now I have something very exciting to share – the first Glitter Hands subscription box!

Emma very kindly offered to send me the first box for review and let me tell you, I was so excited to get it! I love a subscription box and I’ve definitely tried more than my fair share over the years. What’s great about Glitter Hands though is that the box isn’t just for a specific project, it has a selection of craft supplies which are hand picked by Emma to go with that month’s theme. With everything else going on, I’m a bit late with sharing this box which is actually April’s subscription… Whoops! Subscriptions for May are actually now closed but sign-ups for June will open in 12 days!

So what was in the box? A crap tonne to be frank.


I loved the mermaid theme but the supplies in the box are so versatile that they could be used on anything. I used a lot of these items to jazz up a couple of my Project Life spreads, in particular this hand-mixed glitter! Look how beautiful it is!


The other thing I love is that you don’t have to wait an absolute age for delivery to the UK! I subscribed to the ABM Messy Box when it first came out and eventually cancelled my subscription as I was just sick of waiting on it. Glitter Hands is assembled and sent from the UK to the UK so that’s definitely a bonus for us! I’m definitely going to be signing up for June’s box and I think you should too as Emma has very kindly sent me a discount code to share with you! Get 20% off your first box with the code GLITTER12. This code is valid until the 1st of June so you have plenty time!

If you do subscribe, please do let me know as half the fun of craft subscription boxes is seeing what other’s make! Tag your creations with #glitterhands so Emma can see them too!


Crafts Beautiful

As part of the blog network, I get my hands on some pretty sweet crafty magazines. This month I sat down with a glass of mulled wine (seasonally appropriate) and had a good old flick through Crafts Beautiful and I was not disappointed.

crafts beautiful magazine

This issue came with a really handy bow maker as the free gift so I thought I’d give it a try. Holy perfect bows, Batman! This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time considering all the Christmas wrapping I’m about to undertake. It’s such a simple little device that takes all the effort out of making perfect bows every time. Using the two posts, you simply wrap your ribbon around a couple of times, pass one end under and over the middle and tie a knot – a child could do it 🙂 There’s a much more in-depth tutorial in the magazine and I also found quite a few helpful YouTube videos.

bow maker crafts beautiful

I spent all of 5 minutes putting together a couple of trial bows and I love them!

image image image

I can totally see me using the string of bows idea above quite a lot this Christmas. The bow buddy has measurements along the edges so you can line everything up and make sure you’re making the correct size of bow each time. Not only was I impressed with the free gift from this mag, I loved the content! There are some fantastic Christmas card ideas that I’m definitely going to save for next year.

If you’re the crafty type – and I assume you are if you’re reading this blog – you can subscribe to Crafts Beautiful from*. It would even make a great last-minute gift for a crafty little elf!


*affiliate link

I’m a Approved Blogger!

I hope that title caught your attention! approved blogger badge
That’s right, I’m a approved blogger. I was positively giddy when, the UK’s leading magazine subscription site, contacted me to ask if I would like to be part of their blogger programme. The absolutely excellent thing about this is that they send me some of my favourite craft magazines every month which I have the joy of reading and then write an article for their blog, The Hub. Definitely go and check it out for some excellent magazine recommendations!

My first magazine up for review is Love Sewing and I don’t think I have to tell you how excellent that particular publication is for us crafters. To stoke the fire even more, Love Sewing recently got itself a new Captain and is now helmed by fellow sewing blogger Amy, of Almond Rock Sews! You just KNOW it’s got some seriously swoon-worthy projects to get stuck into! In fact, I even made (one of) the birdie bookends from the issue!


Anyway, this was just a little heads up to let ya’ll know the great news and there will be some mighty exciting things coming your way sooooooon! In the meantime, check out the website to see the huge selection of magazine subscriptions. I even have a special little link for you which means that if you do decide to go ahead and make a purrr-chase, then I will make a small commission on your order! Obviously any money I make goes straight into the craft fund which invariably makes its way back here – everyone’s a winner! Anyway I hope you all have a fabulous weekend

Hillarys Crafternoon

I was lucky enough to get an invite to the Hillarys Crafternoon in Glasgow on Sunday which was ace! Hillarys Blinds gathered together a bunch of Scottish bloggers, with help from the Joe Blogs network team, for an afternoon of crafts and cake using their new collection of fabrics.

hillarys crafternoon makes

The first task was to make a book cover which I really enjoyed! I chose this lovely Greek key fabric and a coordinating gold button for embellishment. We were guided by the lovely ladies from The Crafty Hen* who were on hand to help out with any problems. It was great to sit and chat to a bunch of lovely ladies although I obviously wan’t paying enough attention and sewed my button to the wrong side of the cover. Standard Amy nonsense.

crafty hen party notebook cover

*Side note – When someone wants to marry me, I hope my Maid of Honour knows that a Crafty Hen Party is the only way I want to celebrate my Hen night.

crafternoon group

About halfway through the afternoon we stopped for tea and what I can only describe as the most decadent red velvet cake that I’ve ever consumed. Props to The Butterfly and Pig for their baking prowess.

red velvet cake butterfly and pig glasgow

Once I managed to drag myself out of a diabetic coma, we moved onto the next craft which was to make a plush bird. This really put my hand sewing skills to the test which need refining to say the least! Thankfully everything stayed together although the stitching on the tail leaves a lot to be desired.

It really was an excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I just want to thank Hillarys and Joe Blogs for letting me come along! I love that this craft event was available to Scottish bloggers as we can sometimes be overlooked by brands who host so many events down south and in London. There’s such an amazing community of craft and sewing bloggers up here and brands are definitely missing a trick by not taking advantage of how brilliant we are 🙂 Anyway, a big thanks to all involved and if you’re interested in a less ranty version of events then have a look at the Hillarys blog. Now I’m off to fix my button mistake and give my poor bird a couple of eyes!

I swear I’m in there somewhere

Christmas Jumper Challenge

I think it’s safe to say that Christmas jumpers are flying off the shelves this year as their popularity sky-rockets. I’ve been a connoisseur of the Christmas Jumper for several years now and I’m pretty shocked to see how expensive some of them are! I think the first one I ever bought was in the Men’s section of Primark for a mere £7 and I still wear it today. That’s why I was pretty pleased to be asked to take part in a competition run by Turtle Mat to make a Christmas Jumper on a budget 🙂 Obviously this Challenge was right up my street and I’m beyond thrilled with the end result!

olaf frozen christmas jumper


I’m basically in love with it. The best part is that it was so easy to make. I found an Olaf template for free on the Disney website and used that to cut out pieces of felt. The twig arms and hair are made out of a piece of thin craft foam I had on hand and I just drew the rough shape and cut it out. Then it was just a case of assembling all the pieces into that well-known, Olaf shape 🙂 Everything is stuck to the jumper with washable fabric glue which I’ve used before with great success so I think it’s built to last!

olaf frozen christmas jumper

Now, usually I would have modelled this masterpiece for you but I feel totally gross so Mildred the mannequin will have to do. This jumper is actually huge on me so I’m wondering if I can get away with it as a dress? I think this is a strong contender for my Christmas morning look… Watch this space!

The materials for this project were supplied by Turtle Mat for the purpose of this post. I had immense fun doing it and as always any views or opinions expressed are truthful and my own. 

PomPom Christmas Wreath

Merry Boldly Gold Christmas Chaps! Some of you Scrooges out there may be cursing me for amping up the festivities before December has even hit but let me tell you, Christmas has been in full swing over here for a full month already! Decorating the house is still a complete novelty to me so the tree goes up on the 1st of December to get the maximum Christmas effect. I also plan to obnoxiously decorate my real-life work desk too! If you were a follower last year, you’ll know that I was all about those wreaths, bout those wreaths, no tinsel (is this pop reference still viable?) You can read about last year’s efforts right here but I’ve amped it up a notch for 2014 with a POMPOM Christmas Wreath. Please, try and contain your excitement.

pompom christmas wreathLook at how glorious it is! 2014 has definitely been the year of the pompom so I thought I’d honour that with a wreath. It was incredibly easy to make, in fact so easy that I’m going to show you the step-by-step 🙂

You will need:

1 Styrofoam wreath. I used a 12 inch but feel free to go bigger or smaller.

2 complimentary yarns. I used 3 skeins of The Women’s Institute Soft and Chunky yarn in cream, and 1 skein of Rico Creative Reflection in the forest colour-way.

5m of 3inch Hessian or burlap ribbon.

8 inches of complimentary ribbon.

A wooden initial letter. (I’m representing Boldly Gold with mine)

Standard craft glue.

A large PomPom maker.

pompom design

Start by making your pompoms. I needed 10 large ones to cover my 12inch wreath form so adjust this number if you have a different size. I wanted my pompoms to have 2 different colours so I chose 2 yarns to work with. If you’ve never used a pompom maker before (where have you been?) then I have a quick tutorial that you can read. To make these poms, first wrap one side of the device with one colour yarn and then follow with the other colour, like so.

pompom christmas wreath

IMG_0671pompom christmas wreath

Continue in this way a couple of times on each side and then cut and join your pompom together with the first colour of yarn. Make sure to leave the tails long enough to wrap around your wreath form. This does take a bit of time to do so sit down with a good movie and just plough through. When you’re finished you will have a basket of joy.


Now, take your wreath and wrap the burlap or Hessian ribbon around it. Secure the ends with a blob of craft glue on the back.

burlap wreath

Now it’s time to add your pompoms! Take each one and tie it around the wreath. Secure with a knot at the back. For the initial, spray paint it in the colour of your choice (I chose gold) and then attach the 8inch piece of ribbon to the back of it with glue. The final step it to simply add this hanging initial to the back of the wreath with another blob of glue!

finished pom pom initial wreath

Deck your door with the finished wreath and bask in the envy of your neighbours with smug abandon.

pompom christmas wreath

My door looks December-ready but does yours? Direct Blinds* who kindly provided the materials for this project want to see a nation of festive doors so grab the glue gun and deck out a wreath this Christmas. If you do, make sure to send me a picture on Twitter and also tag @directblinds so that they can see your creation too! Happy crafting 🙂

*This is a sponsored post however all views and opinions are my own.