DIY Kingsize Headboard

What’s this – 2 blog posts in 2 weeks? That’s almost unheard of round here! You would think I have excess time on my hands. Actually, that’s quite far from the case, in fact things are more hectic than ever! I’ve recently taken on a new role at work which I’m delighted about and we’re focusing more and more time on wedding planning! In among all that, we have a house to fill with furniture to make it look less like a shell… Quite a task when you only started with 2 side tables and a temperamental floor lamp! The good news is that things are coming along and this past week we finally managed to MAKE and INSTALL a headboard for our bed!


I’d like to just take a minute to talk about the bed. This bed is my most favourite purchase for the house. It is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of flopping my body onto. You don’t appreciate how important a bed really until you have a crap one. In our old house the bed and mattress were brand new but SO uncomfortable to me. The mattress gave me such a sore back on it’s own that we had to invest in a memory foam topper just so I could get some sleep. When we were choosing our bed I was basically prepared to throw ALL THE MONEY at it because it was so important to me. We tried many, many shops and finally settled on this dream king size divan & mattress set. I won’t mention where it’s from as the service I had from the shop was pretty terrible but even that doesn’t dampen my love for this bed. ANYWAY, when we bought the bed we decided to pass on the headboards they had available in the shop because there was no way I was spending another £250 on a piece of covered MDF – thank you very much! We decided we could at least try to make one for a fraction of that cost and I think it turned out pretty well.

The process was pretty simple and the cost of all the materials (including a swish new staple gun) came to under £90 which I’m delighted with. In true blogger style I attempted to document the process. Also this is the first real DIY project that Ian and I ever ever worked on as a team so I thought adding more stress to the situation by stopping every 5 minutes to take a photo would be a good idea 🙂


  • MDF board (cut to size at B&Q for free)
  • 2 pre-cut wooden posts (also B&Q)
  • 2m of upholstry fabric (from Remnant Kings)
  • 2m of wadding fabric (Remnant Kings)
  • 2inch thick foam (cut to the correct size and bought at the most random little shop in Glasgow city centre that exclusively sells foam products – who knew?)
  • Staple gun & staples (Amazon)
  • Sandpaper, nails and other handy DIY tools like a drill
*Gathering the materials for this job was the most difficult part. Not because they were hard to come by, but because we were woefully under-prepared for how big a bit of MDF we would need to fit into Ian’s tiny toy car. Basically, the main thing I’m taking away from this project is that we need a bigger car in our arsenal.

Once we actually had all of the above in our possession, we set up a make-shift work bench (*note to self: Get proper work bench for future DIY projects) from lawn furniture in the garage. Then Ian started brandishing tools.

Look at all that brandashing
Look at all that brandishing *Still has the sleeve on – we have no idea what we’re doing.

It may not seem like it, but we know our limitations so went for a very basic square headboard. The MDF is the same width as the bed (152cm) and we figured we would need the height to be 80cm taller than the mattress. We measured the spacing of the holes in the divan meant for the headboard screws and transferred this to the posts, making 2 holes in each one. We then spaced the supporting posts 15cm in from the edge of the MDF and secured them with wood glue and nails for extra stability. This is the basic frame in the crap picture above!

The foam was cut to the same dimensions as the board and is 2 inches deep so it’s nice and cushioned. We attached this with some spray adhesive to the top of the board just to hold it in place for all the yanking that was to come.


We laid our wadding out and placed the frame face down on top of it so that the side with the posts was facing up. Taking it in turns (because it was actually hard work) we then pulled the wadding tightly over it to smooth out the edge of the foam and secured it to the back using the staple gun. Once the wadding was secured we repeated this step with the actual fabric.


This took a fair amount of time and caused more than a little grunting on my part. We found the best way was to pull tightly on the 3 visible edges and then yank with all our might on the bottom edge so that it compressed the foam to the board. It’s kind of hard to explain but hopefully you can see from the picture below what I mean. This taught edge means that the headboard meets the mattress nice and snug.



I paid special attention to the corners and found a way to fold in the fabric so that it was kind of mitred. We cut slits in the wadding and fabric to be able to wrap both around the posts. This but won’t be visible so we weren’t too concerned about how it looked, as long as nothing was poking out! Below you can see how long the posts extend down from the board. We wanted to make the frame as sturdy as possible while making sure it would be flush with the wall. Ideally the posts would go all the way to the floor when the headboard is attached but then they would be hitting the skirting board behind the bed and would angle the board which may cause splintering. (I EVEN SOUND LIKE I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING NOW!)


This is the back of the board and one of the corners. It looks pretty crap but it’s very secure and looks lovely from the front which is the main thing. I also turned under the raw edge of the fabric and stapled that to the board too so we wouldn’t have any fraying.

It’s quite the structure once it was attached to the bed, almost imposing, but it definitely completes the room and makes the bed feel even more luxurious! I’m calling our first joint DIY project a success and now I have about 5 bajillion more things that I want to make 🙂 On to the next one!

Our New House!

Holy crap. I’m a homeowner.


Side note – It was a funny couple of months leading up to the move. I was in a state of constant limbo – not wanting to start a new project because I knew it would have to be packed away eventually, not that I even could if I wanted to. My whole creative brain packed its bags and took an extended holiday. I’m very glad to report that we are now back in business! My neuroses are under control and the creative juices are flowing.

So, we closed the deal for the house in August 2015 and waited so long to get into our home. Then found out there would be an additional 3 week delay which almost killed me. We got there eventually and have been happily living there for 7 weeks now! It’s a 3 bedroom, south-facing, detached beauty in Uddingston and I’m still in a constant state of shock that we actually own it. I took some quick snaps the day before we moved in for posterity.

the en-suite bathroom
My favourite part – the kitchen! It’s a beauty.

And of course, the door.


I can now proudly say that we have a door number. It’s all very exciting.

Previously, we had always lived in furnished, rented accommodation so there was never a need for us to buy any of our own furniture. Unfortunately that now means that we need EVERYTHING. We currently have 1 sofa (there should be 2 – it’s a whole thing and causes me great anxiety), a TV unit, the most comfortable bed in South Lanarkshire, a selection of desks (CRAFT ROOM) and a coffee table. I know the rest will come with time, but the urge to go and blow a bomb on everything all at once is strong.

As it is a new build, we got to choose all the fittings like carpets, tiles, kitchen cabinets and even wall colours. We didn’t really appreciate how much of a help this was until we finally moved in and realised everything else that we had to buy! Not having to worry about replacing/adding flooring or turfing the garden is such a relief. There are a few little changes we would like to make down the line but we now have the luxury of time. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out and now we can truly make our mark on the place.

Muscat Manor: Update


This is not a drill, I repeat, this is NOT. A. DRILL.

My house will apparently be ready in a little over 6 weeks! I can’t really get my head around the fact that it’s so soon but we’ve been pretty proactive preparing for the big move. Before I get into the details, lets back up a bit and see how far we’ve come.

muscat manor progress

We have a roof! And interior walls! Be still my beating heart.

As it is a new build, it will completely habitable on the day we get the keys. All the walls will be painted, carpets laid and wardrobes fitted. Then it’s just up to us to fill it with furniture and therein lies the problem. Aside from my craft desk and a jazzy AF coffee table, we have no furniture to call our own. That’s what happens when you live in furnished rentals. This is both a blessing and a curse; no need for hulking furniture to the new place but now we have to fork out some major bucks to save us from sleeping/eating/drinking/lounging on the floor. This is where most of my energy has been expended since Christmas – searching high and low for the perfect sofa and bed. I’m very pleased to be able to say that the task has been accomplished! Let me introduce you to the 2 single biggest purchases I have ever made (until we actually hand over the deposit for the house, that is).

The Bed – We chose the Sensaform 3000 Divan Bed Set in the colour summer hay. It’s a great kingsize bed and is the perfect combination of support for Ian’s taste and my need to feel like I’m sleeping on a fluffy cloud. We bought it from Bensons for Beds in their January sale so we got it for a really good price!

150cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set Sensaform 3000 Summer Hay

The Sofas – This was definitely the hardest thing to choose… Who knew! We went to all the typical places to look for sofas in the UK but I just wasn’t sold on ANY of them. I was pretty insistent on wanting foam cushions so that I wouldn’t be in a constant state of fluffing and the only place that actually offered this was Next! I hadn’t even considered it as an option until we wandered into one of their home ware stores on a whim. We loved the selection and the ability to basically design your own sofas from their range of shapes and fabrics. After ordering what seemed like 50 bajillion fabric samples from the website, we settled on the Michigan sofa in the light grey cosy twill fabric. Our living room is will be quite long so we were able to get both a 2-seater and 4-seater in there quite comfortably.

It’s a pretty light fabric but when you don’t have any sprogs and your drink of choice is a colourless spirit, this becomes less of an issue 🙂 I will, however, be enforcing a strict ‘dry food only’ policy in the living room area. The mere mention of a tomato-based sauce anywhere near these beauties sends me into a blind panic.

Muscat Manor: Guest Bedroom Mood Board

Coral. Give me all the Coral.

Bright paints of coral reeves

No not that coral… I’m talking paint. That beautiful pinky-red hue which has me all of a flutter! I should probably have my mind on wedding plans but I simply can’t stop thinking about decorating my new house. We finally have an estimated move-in date of the 1st of April and you know that it’s gonna come round in a heartbeat! I’m having a little but of a mind block when I try and think of designs for every other room in the house, except the spare room. The room itself will only have 1 function for the foreseeable as Ian and I decided that it might be a nice idea to share the larger 2nd bedroom as our office/craft room. Therefore the guest bedroom will be just that – a luxurious and pretty room for our friends and family to stay in when they visit. I think that’s why I’m finding it so easy to plan a decorating scheme because I don’t have to compromise on the design. We’ve specified that we want the base colour on the walls to be a mint green with blue undertones and I just can’t stop thinking that coral is the most prefect complementary colour to it. The more I see the two together, the more I love it! Cue the guest bedroom mood board!

coral and mint bedroom mood board

I think a white bed with beautiful bedding and loads of pillows is something that I MUST have in here. I think the rest of the furniture will also be white with gold accents. I’m currently on the hunt for rug inspiration and I think just simple grey printed curtains will be enough for the window.

I can totally see this room being my little oasis. There will be a dormer window and the roof is slanted in this room so I’m also toying with putting in a reading nook of some sort. This will either involve the most comfortable chair I can find or a massive mound of pillows and beanbags. So to sum up – SUPER excited to move in and sate my coral desires!