Project Life 2016

In January 2015, I decided to start scrapbooking using the Project Life system and it was the best decision I made that year. Without even realising it I managed to document some of the best trips I’ve ever been on and our pretty spectacular engagement, so there was no way I was giving it up in 2016. I still really love scrapbooking but have found I’ve settled into a style with my layouts which really makes things a lot easier (and I’m not hoarding supplies like a crazy person).

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

At the start of the year I bought the Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit which is just the most perfect selection of cards to suite my style. I loved the challenge last year of creating layouts using a different colour theme every month, but there’s something about the cohesiveness of this year’s pages that just gives me old big heart eyes.

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

Can you tell I like black, white & gold? I love how this kit has those colours in abundance as well as some key accent colours which I can use when the mood strikes me. Here’s some of my favourite cards from the past few months.

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

I probably won’t be sharing my Project Life spreads every month like I did last year, but maybe every now and again I’ll pop in a post to share some of my favourite moments throughout the year. The main thing is, I love Project Life and there is absolutely no stopping me!

Project Life 2016 – Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition

I enjoyed scrap booking so much last year that I’ve committed to doing it again in 2016! For Christmas I got a couple of Hobbycraft vouchers and what better to spend them on than Project Life 2016 supplies. I decided to get a new kit as well as an album and I finally settled on the Everyday Edition.

project life everyday edition Liz Tamanaha album

project life everyday edition Liz Tamanaha album

It’s so beautiful! This is the 12×12 album from the Everyday Edition designed by Liz Tamanaha. The gold plated hardware is a lovely touch and I really love the script on the front and spine.

project life everyday edition Liz Tamanaha core kit

Above is a selection of my favourite cards from the core kit. This kit comes with gold foil accents which is one of my favourite things about it! The cards are really well designed, with an extensive selection of filler and note cards.

project life everyday edition Liz Tamanaha core kit

I bought small variety pack 4 of the page protectors which comes with designs L, P, Q and R to mix up my layouts a bit. I also bought some full page 12×12 protectors to have a go at doing full layouts too! I’m pretty pumped up about continuing to scrapbook. I find it so therapeutic and going back through 2015’s album makes me smile so much! In 2016, the plan is to still have 2 pages per month with separate spreads for events like holidays and birthdays. I enjoyed doing December Daily in a separate album (which I’ll be sharing soon) so I might do the same this year. I want to add more mixed media into my spreads and challenge myself to do some full 12×12 layouts which I find a bit intimidating. That’s why I love Project Life so much – you have the ease of photo pockets when you have zero time to scrap but then when you do, you can really go all out with heavily designed cards and spreads. I’m probably not going to share each spread every month as I don’t know if it’s interesting to many of you so maybe I’ll only post the layout’s I’m really proud of. Anyway, there’s plenty more scrapbooking in my future!

November Project Life

My November Project Life spread is probably my favourite one to date! I went with an autumnal theme using papers from the American Crafts Autumn Crisp collection and embellishments from My Minds Eye.

american crafts autumn crisp project life spread

I didn’t have a great deal of photos to include this month but I actually like that there was space available for separate explanation cards. The first page for November details our night out to see Kevin bridges, some more engagement celebrations and also the stress of looking at wedding venues.

page 1 November project life american crafts autumn crisp

The title card is really simple; I just used alphas from Hobbycraft and a big poppy embellishment from a 12×12 MME chipboard pack. The ‘What a Pair’ chipboard piece is probably my favourite thing in this whole spread!

page 1 november project life american crafts autumn crisp

The second page covers a family birthday, some baking, my favourite engagement gift of all time, and Black Friday!

page 1 november project life american crafts autumn crisp

I used a different page protector layout for this spread and I love the way it looks. I think this is design S from the Project Life line and I’ll definitely be using more of it next year. I definitely used more embellishments than usual this month and I love the way it turned out. I especially like the Black Friday section with that wood grain card which makes my heart beat a little faster.

page 1 november project life american crafts autumn crisp

I’ve been wanting to use that large arrow from My Mind’s Eye for ages and I’m so glad I finally found a place for it!

I’ll definitely be doing Project Life again in 2016. It was definitely the best decision I made this year – especially with everything that actually happened! I’m still trying to finish our Engagement spread which I’ll be showing in the new year but I’ll be back before then with December’s pics and possibly a dedicated Christmas spread 🙂

October Project Life

10 months down and I’m still not tired of scrapbooking! Today I’m showcasing 2 spreads from my album for October Project Life. First up is the standard monthly spread

october project life

october project life

I used cards exclusively from the Favourite Things Project Life core kit and kept the embellishments very simple. That’s what’s so great about Project Life – you can let the pictures do the taking and you can spend very little time making a spread which looks really put-together. I quite like that there’s quite a lot of explanation of some of the pictures in the first half of the month, for example I used a full-size group picture to document our day out at Go Ape and added a gold arrow paper clip to point to the description above. The second half of the month is dominated by my best friends which is unfortunately a bit of a rareity. I asked them to be my co-maids of honour and they in turn thanked my with the most beautiful bunch of flowers and really heart-felt card.

The second spread this month was devoted to our engagement party. My parents really wanted to throw a bit of a do to celebrate with our family and it just so happened that the best weekend for everyone seemed to be Halloween so we made it a fancy dress party. Now I LOVE HALLOWEEN. I love everything about it, but most of all getting dressed up. I put a bit of thought into our costume choice and decided it would only be right if we went as Frankenstein and his bride.

october project life halloween spreadoctober project life halloween edition

october project life halloween spread title card

I love this whole spread! The title card is made up of a shot of our DIY photobooth sign and some halloween stickers which I think looks pretty good! I used a black and white colour scheme with some gold glitter because I couldn’t leave it well enough alone. The photos really do speak for themselves though – everyone made such an effort! In the 2nd picture above you can see Tee-Total Ken and Clean & Dust Barbie! Their costumes were absolutely fantastic! Special mention, however, goes to my betrothed for his Frankenstein face paint which he insisted on doing all himself. Just look at that skill!

frankenstein face paint halloween costume diy

August Project Life

Another month, another Project Life spread!*


August was AMAZING! So much happened this month that I’m not really surprised that it totally flew in. At the beginning of the month I flew off to Alicante for a girls holiday which was so much fun! I have a whole spread on that which I’m not going to share here for fear of retribution, so I’ll let your imagination run wild instead. Other than that boat-load of fun, Ian and I came to the conclusion that we want to see more of our beautiful country so we’ve decided to go on as many adventures as possible by only driving 3 hours from the house. This month we ended up in Pitlochrie where we went to a weird garden, had tea with SO MANY pensioners, wandered around the cute town and bought a lovely bottle of gin.


Another big life even for us happened – we signed our lives away and bought a house! I opened a bottle of fizz when the deal was officially done but really these past 2 months have been all about making one crazy decision after another. Case in point – there is also a picture of me feeling very overwhelmed whilst trying to pick out my kitchen cabinets. Not a sentence I ever thought I would say…


Finally, we rounded off the month by celebrating the fact that I’ve been noising up this planet for 25 god-damned years. I’m just as surprised as you that no one has yet to mow me down in the street with their car, but hey-ho I live to sew another day. Ian took me to my favourite restaurant, Number 16, and then my mum hosted a small get-to-gether at her house for my friends and I which was just the best fun! We chilled in the hot tub, ate tapas, drank a lot of sangria and played bingo. I’m a very lucky girl ><


My title card is really basic (again) with a gold foil accent, black cork letters and a pre-printed chalkboard sticker. I used scrapbook papers from a Creative Retreat collection which I unsurprisingly found at TK Maxx ages ago and cut down into 6×4 and 4×4 cards. I have 2 different page layouts in this month due to the overhand from July but I quite like the interest it adds. I’m still on a bit of a spending ban which means no new embellishments sobs but the good news is that I’ve re-discovered my love for little letter stamps! My favourite thing to do recently is play about with image size and I quite like sizing down Instagram photos so I can fit a few of them on a card along with a bit of journalling.



Another month done and we’re well onto the next one. In September I have ANOTHER holiday (poor me) and also a trip to Arran with Ian’s family planned as well as the usual nonsense. Can’t wait!

July Project Life

Hola Chicas. I’m back from holiday number 2 and eagerly anticipating holiday number 3 which is less than a month away. You would think that as I’ve JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE, the holidays would be on hold, but noooooo. That’s right Ian and I have signed our lives away and are now completely tied into a mortgage on a beautiful new house just outside of Glasgow. It’s not quite sunk in yet for me, even though I’ve been running all over the joint picking out kitchens, tiles and all the other mad decisions you have to make with a new build. Still not 100% sure everything is going to go together, and if it doesn’t then I’ll just act like I meant for the house to look like it was decorated by blind toddlers. Anyway I’ll have a bit more on our ‘journey’ (sorry, couldn’t resist the blogger cliche) in a separate post some time soon. In the meantime lets get to the real point at hand – my July Project Life spread

july project life

I really like the colour scheme for this month but I can’t remember for the life of me what brand the papers are from! I think it’s a simple stories paper pad but I’m probably completely wrong. What I can tell you is that it’s full of pretty colours, ice creams, florals and geometric prints. I kept the embellishments pretty simple with a few wood veneers and some stamping with my new favourite letter set from Dovecraft. So what did I get up to? Well we ironically celebrated the 4th of July at a friend’s house with red solo cups, a BBQ and beer pong which ended with me completely inebriated. Might of had something to do with replacing the beer in ‘beer pong’ with gin. Gin pong. That’s 25 for you ladies and gentlemen.

Also of note was Ian’s sister graduating from university and we all went out to Grill on the Corner to celebrate. We were looking after her dog while they were off on holiday which was an eye-opener to say the least. Pippin is my favourite dog in the whole wide world but there’s no way I could have a pup of my own! Hats off to everyone that manages it. Finally, the big news on this page was us buying our first house! Ian and I have been living together for just over 3 years now and it’s always been in rented properties. It feels absolutely amazing to be able to buy our own place and when we told our families Ian’s mum gave us a big box of Tunnock’s goodies to celebrate. This makes sense because our house is in Uddingston right behind the Tunnock’s factory. Teacakes are Scotland’s best invention, in my humble opinion 🙂

july project life

You may have noticed that I’m only showing off 1 page of the spread as the 2nd was mostly about a friend’s passing out parade from Police school. For very obvious privacy reasons you won’t see any of that here but I will tell you that it was an absolutely lovely day! The only bits of that page I’m happy to share are some cupcakes and a cute picture of Ian and I at the aforementioned celebratory dinner.

july project life

That’s it for July, but let me tell you August will be a doosey! It’s my Birthday and I’ll also have a spread dedicated to my girlie holiday… well for the PG pictures anyway 🙂

June Project Life

I can’t quiet believe that I’ve been scrapbooking for 6 whole months! It’s really been one of the best decisions I’ve made recently and I already love going back and flipping through the memories we’ve made and documented so far. My June Project Life spread is maybe one of my favourites to date so let me show you what happened!

june project life full spread

I usually have a title card and colour scheme for the month already prepared but with being so busy recently I was just flying by the seat of my pants. I just went with the flow and put it all together in one go while I was making up the rest of my cards and I love how it turned out! This was also the first time I used the a so-called ‘kit’ for a spread. I don’t actually subscribe to a service but when I was in TK Maxx a while ago I found a couple of the My Minds Eye collection packs made up and couldn’t leave them alone. This spread is full or florals, bright pastels (is that an oxymoron) and wood grain.

june project life spread page 1

The first page mostly details our trip to the Royal Highland Show. Also featured is my favourite picture from our holiday at the beginning of the month along with a bit about Father’s day. I felt the photos in the right-top and left-bottom corner needed a bit of basing so I took a plain white card and added some watercolour on the edges to tie it in the with the spread. Really love how that turned out!

water colour basing card project life

The second side covers a spa day with my mum, my best friend’s graduation, more from the Highland Show and another card from Father’s Day. Speaking of which, I might go back and add a bit of stamping to that one… It looks a bit unfinished in these photos.

project life my minds eye page 2

I wasn’t sure about some of the woodgrain cards to begin with but I’m positively smitten with them now!

wood grain my minds eye project life card

I also took care to use my date-stamp more this month as I’ve been neglecting it a bit. I also used up some embellishments from the both the kit and my stash which adds a lovely bit of interest to the cards. I do have another 6×8 pocket insert for this month with all my extra bits like movies we watched and books I’ve read this month, but I forgot to take photos of it! It does stick with the colour palette of this spread though so just use your imagination 🙂

Can’t believe we’re into the last half of the year! I really hope the weather bucks up it’s ideas for July… I have the perfect ice-cream ‘themed’ spread which I want to break out!