Our New House!

Holy crap. I’m a homeowner.


Side note – It was a funny couple of months leading up to the move. I was in a state of constant limbo – not wanting to start a new project because I knew it would have to be packed away eventually, not that I even could if I wanted to. My whole creative brain packed its bags and took an extended holiday. I’m very glad to report that we are now back in business! My neuroses are under control and the creative juices are flowing.

So, we closed the deal for the house in August 2015 and waited so long to get into our home. Then found out there would be an additional 3 week delay which almost killed me. We got there eventually and have been happily living there for 7 weeks now! It’s a 3 bedroom, south-facing, detached beauty in Uddingston and I’m still in a constant state of shock that we actually own it. I took some quick snaps the day before we moved in for posterity.

the en-suite bathroom
My favourite part – the kitchen! It’s a beauty.

And of course, the door.


I can now proudly say that we have a door number. It’s all very exciting.

Previously, we had always lived in furnished, rented accommodation so there was never a need for us to buy any of our own furniture. Unfortunately that now means that we need EVERYTHING. We currently have 1 sofa (there should be 2 – it’s a whole thing and causes me great anxiety), a TV unit, the most comfortable bed in South Lanarkshire, a selection of desks (CRAFT ROOM) and a coffee table. I know the rest will come with time, but the urge to go and blow a bomb on everything all at once is strong.

As it is a new build, we got to choose all the fittings like carpets, tiles, kitchen cabinets and even wall colours. We didn’t really appreciate how much of a help this was until we finally moved in and realised everything else that we had to buy! Not having to worry about replacing/adding flooring or turfing the garden is such a relief. There are a few little changes we would like to make down the line but we now have the luxury of time. I’m absolutely thrilled with how it’s turned out and now we can truly make our mark on the place.

Me and My Big Ideas Wedding Planner

I’m not sure if you know this but I’M GETTING MARRIED and what would any bride be without her trusty wedding planner? I’ve been holding off on the wedding activities until we moved into our new house, and now that has finally happened it’s full steam ahead. I took my time looking to find the right kind of wedding planner and finally settled on the Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) Wedding Extension Pack.

me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack

me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack

Can I just say that I love this brand? I already have the happy planner which is an absolute asset to my life. Since I already carry around the Happy Planner, adding the wedding extension just seemed like the best idea. That way I would always have any wedding information that I could possibly need on me for on-the-fly organisation. The pack slots right into the arc ring system and it’s a perfect accompaniment to my daily planner.

me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack

The pack comes with 10 tabbed dividers covering all aspects of the wedding planning process. I’m still in the early stages so not much is filled in. I can see this being completely stuffed as time goes on though! To combat this, I also purchased the large expander discs for my happy planner to accommodate the pack.

me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack


The icing on the cake of my new and improved planner is the addition of some pocket folders. These are so handy for receipts and other bits of paper which I’m sure will be in abundance.

me and my big ideas mambi happy planner wedding planner extension pack

I’m truly happy with this set-up, although if I did have to be really critical then I would mention that it’s quite American-ised (if that’s even a thing). There’s a few sections which don’t really apply to a Scottish wedding, for example there’s a couple of bits about a Bridal Shower and that’s not really a thing we have in the UK? Also I though they were talking about pirates when there was a reminder to order boutineers… Anyway, here’s to diving in, head-first and armed, into this world of wedding madness!

DIY Flower Crown

Are flower crowns still a ‘thing’? I hope so because I’m ALL OVER IT right now!

flower crown 1

Gingerlily were kind enough to send me a crafty pack full of silk flowers and other bits and bobs to let my creativity run wild. They are gearing up for the imminent approach of the Chelsea Flower Show and the minute I seen the white roses… I knew my project would have to be a DIY flower crown!

Never having made a flower crown before, I had a quick look around Pinterest to see if I could pick up any tips and tricks. The good news – flower crowns are super easy to make! You can throw anything at it and it looks amazing! Encouraged by this, I gathered my supplies and set to work.

flower crown supplies

For this flower crown, I used:

  • Floral wire
  • 22 gauge Jewellery Wire
  • a glue gun
  • some silver beads (small and large)
  • a length of white ribbon
  • some pliers
  • wire cutters
  • selection of silk flowers

I started by measuring my head and looped the wire round twice, twisting it together to give me a strong base. Then I wrapped the crown in the the white ribbon, securing the ends with hot glue.

flower crown step 1

From there, I took my jewellery wire and started placing the flowers. This was the most fiddly bit, but some planning and patience goes a long way. Take the flower bud, hold it against the crown and wrap the jewellery wire around to secure. Continue adding in flowers along the length of the crown, securing with the wire as you go.

flower crown flowers

To add in the beads, I just threaded them onto the end of the wire and twisted them round the crown to separate the flowers. I think this gives the whole thing such a nice effect an adds a bit of sparkle.

diy flower crown added beads

flower crown with silver beads

I’m really pleased with the final result. Not ashamed to say that I have a bit of a prance around my garden while wearing it feeling like quite the flower child. I can see many more flower crowns in my future! Thanks again to Gingerlily for the supplies – check out their website for the most beautiful silk bedding!

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Glitter Hands Subscription Box

Hello my loves! It’s been a minute (actually 3 months) but there’s been A LOT going on since we last spoke – the most major event being that we moved into our new house! It’s phenomenal and I will tell you all about it soon but for now I have something very exciting to share – the first Glitter Hands subscription box!

Emma very kindly offered to send me the first box for review and let me tell you, I was so excited to get it! I love a subscription box and I’ve definitely tried more than my fair share over the years. What’s great about Glitter Hands though is that the box isn’t just for a specific project, it has a selection of craft supplies which are hand picked by Emma to go with that month’s theme. With everything else going on, I’m a bit late with sharing this box which is actually April’s subscription… Whoops! Subscriptions for May are actually now closed but sign-ups for June will open in 12 days!

So what was in the box? A crap tonne to be frank.


I loved the mermaid theme but the supplies in the box are so versatile that they could be used on anything. I used a lot of these items to jazz up a couple of my Project Life spreads, in particular this hand-mixed glitter! Look how beautiful it is!


The other thing I love is that you don’t have to wait an absolute age for delivery to the UK! I subscribed to the ABM Messy Box when it first came out and eventually cancelled my subscription as I was just sick of waiting on it. Glitter Hands is assembled and sent from the UK to the UK so that’s definitely a bonus for us! I’m definitely going to be signing up for June’s box and I think you should too as Emma has very kindly sent me a discount code to share with you! Get 20% off your first box with the code GLITTER12. This code is valid until the 1st of June so you have plenty time!

If you do subscribe, please do let me know as half the fun of craft subscription boxes is seeing what other’s make! Tag your creations with #glitterhands so Emma can see them too!


Muscat Manor: Update


This is not a drill, I repeat, this is NOT. A. DRILL.

My house will apparently be ready in a little over 6 weeks! I can’t really get my head around the fact that it’s so soon but we’ve been pretty proactive preparing for the big move. Before I get into the details, lets back up a bit and see how far we’ve come.

muscat manor progress

We have a roof! And interior walls! Be still my beating heart.

As it is a new build, it will completely habitable on the day we get the keys. All the walls will be painted, carpets laid and wardrobes fitted. Then it’s just up to us to fill it with furniture and therein lies the problem. Aside from my craft desk and a jazzy AF coffee table, we have no furniture to call our own. That’s what happens when you live in furnished rentals. This is both a blessing and a curse; no need for hulking furniture to the new place but now we have to fork out some major bucks to save us from sleeping/eating/drinking/lounging on the floor. This is where most of my energy has been expended since Christmas – searching high and low for the perfect sofa and bed. I’m very pleased to be able to say that the task has been accomplished! Let me introduce you to the 2 single biggest purchases I have ever made (until we actually hand over the deposit for the house, that is).

The Bed – We chose the Sensaform 3000 Divan Bed Set in the colour summer hay. It’s a great kingsize bed and is the perfect combination of support for Ian’s taste and my need to feel like I’m sleeping on a fluffy cloud. We bought it from Bensons for Beds in their January sale so we got it for a really good price!

150cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set Sensaform 3000 Summer Hay

The Sofas – This was definitely the hardest thing to choose… Who knew! We went to all the typical places to look for sofas in the UK but I just wasn’t sold on ANY of them. I was pretty insistent on wanting foam cushions so that I wouldn’t be in a constant state of fluffing and the only place that actually offered this was Next! I hadn’t even considered it as an option until we wandered into one of their home ware stores on a whim. We loved the selection and the ability to basically design your own sofas from their range of shapes and fabrics. After ordering what seemed like 50 bajillion fabric samples from the website, we settled on the Michigan sofa in the light grey cosy twill fabric. Our living room is will be quite long so we were able to get both a 2-seater and 4-seater in there quite comfortably.

It’s a pretty light fabric but when you don’t have any sprogs and your drink of choice is a colourless spirit, this becomes less of an issue 🙂 I will, however, be enforcing a strict ‘dry food only’ policy in the living room area. The mere mention of a tomato-based sauce anywhere near these beauties sends me into a blind panic.

Buchanan Dressing Gown

Alright lads? Long time, no see! I’m coming out of a hiatus to show off one of the Christmas presents I made last year – A Buchanan Dressing Gown from Gather.

gather buchanan dressing gown

I made this for my wee mammy as her Christmas present which meant that it took me a bajillion hours to make. When it comes to sewing for myself I usually fly by the seat of my pants (a typical Gold trait) but this is the first think I’ve ever made for another human (dog gifts have less pressure associated with them) so I wanted to make a really good job of it. Every seam is finished and all the cuffs are top stitched. I made proper belt and hanging loops, and even added my own label cause I’m a God damn professional.

buchanan dressing gown gather kit

buchanan dressing gown gather kit

I originally bought the actual Buchanan kit by Gather, compete with fabric and the printed pattern. I sewed it all up only to discover that the fabric made it look like something a 70’s dinner lady would call a uniform. I was sent back, kicking and screaming, to the fabric drawing board only to discover the perfect replacement in the form of a beaut paisley-esque print which I bought at a little market in Turkey. It had a much nicer drape to it than the original fabric and I could still use the navy contrast fabric from the kit.

buchanan dressing gown gather kit

You can get a better idea of the fabric and print in the picture above. Even with all my attention devoted to this project (I banned myself from Netflix so I could concentrate properly whilst sewing) I still managed to cock up the label and hanging loop placement. They should both be a good inch to the right face palm I suppose it’s those kind of things that make it one-of-a-kind.

It was quite lovely handing this over as a gift and seeing my mum’s face when she finally realised that I had made it just for her ><

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share and then again I get it because I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and uninspired lately. Call it a yearly slump coupled with the STRESS of planning a wedding, work being hella busy and building/moving into a new house in less than 8 weeks. My brain is fried and any free time I have is filled with tasks related to the aforementioned. I’ve not really felt like creating anything because I know that I’m just about to pack up my craft room and hit the road. My one creative outlet continues to be my planner and what a saviour of sanity it has been! Hopefully things will settle down at work over the next couple of weeks and we’ll get a confirmed date of entry for the house. I’m buying a couch on Friday so here’s to small (but very expensive) milestones 🙂

January Planner Pages

I don’t know how I ever lived without my MAMBI happy planner. It’s been a constant source of organisation and comfort to me for 5 months now and I’m just as into decorative planning now as I was when I first got it! I actually decorated my January planner pages at the beginning of December but what with one thing and another it’s taken me this long to show them off.

decorative planner pages planner stickers january week 1

For this spread I used stickers from RaspberylDesigns on etsy. This is the White Wedding printable kit but unfortunately I can’t link to it directly as her shop went on holiday recently. I added some silver washi at the bottom for a bit of glitz and added a list flag to the side for my week meal planning. I’ve been trying to rectify some of the damage done to my waistline over Christmas with relatively healthy eating… So far its going quite well!

decorative planner pages planner stickers january week 2

Week 2 called for stickers from My Planner Envy which is probably my favourite site for free stickers! This is the Blue and Orange Sticker Sampler and I added some light blue grid washi to the weekend boxes. It’s pretty basic but I really like the clean lines.

decorative planner pages planner stickers january week 3

This is the current week and it uses the Happy Mail Designs Mustard and Grey set. I still have a soft spot for grey and yellow together and I really like this layout. My only niggle is that the washi I used to cover the weekend boxes is just not quite the right shade of yellow #firstworldproblems.

decorative planner pages planner stickers january week 4

The final week of January uses the Farye Plans November monthly kit. I obviously bought this back in November but when I printed it out the colours definitely didn’t go with the Happy Planner theme so I saved it for January which is much more blue. It’s quite gaudy and definitely made worse by my use of yellow and blue washi ha! It’s not my favourite spread but I’m happy to have used the stickers up in a way that I can live with 🙂

If you have any favourite sources for printable stickers (free or otherwise) let me know in the comments below! I’m ready to start decorating March, April and May!