Appliqued Scatter Cushion

Oh look. Here I am showing off a basic cushion. Blogging has hit new and exciting heights, people.

diy heart applique scatter cushion

Looks like a cushion, smells like a cushion, acts like a cushion but it is so much more. This is an urgent reminder that I can actually sew. This mere cushion is a symbol of the end of my hibernation period. I’m back, bitches*.


My triumphant return began with a desperate need for curtains in the new house. Let me set the scene: New house. No curtain poles. Crippling fear of drilling holes in new walls. Lack of skills to install curtain poles, even if I wanted to. ‘Temporary’ solution of tension curtain rod in the bedroom that could only hold the weight of 2 sheer voiles before crashing to the ground.  Daylight streaming through the window at 4.30am. Waking up at 4.30am every single morning. Fixing that problem by buying 2 SUPER ATTRACTIVE sleep masks. ‘Temporary’ solution remaining for 8 weeks. Finally caving and admitting that we need actual curtains. Charging the drill and assembling all the parts necessary for curtain pole installation. Chickening out and calling my dad for help. Make my dad do the job while I critique his work. Finally have functioning, light-blocking curtains. Halle-freaking-lujah.

After hemming the curtains to fit the window I had some left-over fabric and this was the outcome. A very simple cushion, zip and all, will an appliqued heart motif because I’m so original.

image image

I basted the heart to the cushion first then used a really tight zig-zag stitch to enclose all the edges to make sure it wouldn’t fray. I think this is probably the first time I’ve done any proper applique-ing and I actually found it pretty therapeutic.


I padded it with a cheap Ikea pillow form and it’s now happily residing on our cloud-like bed. Thank goodness for simple and satisfying projects!

Project Linus Quilt Squares

I’m sharing something a little bit different today from the horde of handmade holiday clothes which are waiting patiently in the wings. It’s been on my mind for a while that I want to put my sewing skills to less a selfish use. I’m all for sewing myself a completely handmade wardrobe but a part of me wants to do something more. I looked into a few different charities who deal with crafts and fibre arts, but when I found Project Linus, my mind was set.

So what is Project Linus? This paragraph from their website explains it better than I can:

Project Linus UK is a volunteer organisation. We aim to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets, and give volunteers across the UK the opportunity to contribute to their local community.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think a bright and colourful blanket could be a real comfort to a little one who is going through a terrible time. A little reminder of security against all the stark white that dominates hospital wards.

I was actually made aware of this charity by one of the blogs I follow – Little Squish – who decided to gather together a group of sewists who would donate a 6×6 quilt square. Toria will sew all the different squares together, and then quilt and bind the whole thing ready to be sent to the charity. It’s such a lovely thought on her part so I signed up faster than you can say half-square-triangle.

Because of who I am as a person, there is no way I could simply leave it at 1 quilt square so I decided to make a selection for both boys and girls. Thankfully when Toria a added up and emailed all the participants there there around 80 people involved and a lot of them wanted to donate more than one square too so I’m not alone. I hope she know’s what she’s let herself in for and that she has a long arm machine!

So here’s some of the squares I’ve made so far – all from my stash of fabric and scraps. The ones below could technically for a boy’s quilt but I’m all about that gender neutrality so anything goes really.

little bird project linus quilt square
Still need to add on a little wing to this appliqued fellow.


little hexi project linus quilt square

I have to say my favourite square is probably the one above. Ages ago I decided it would be a fantastic idea so make a quilt completely out of little EPP hexis… Yeah that never happened but I do have around 250 of these little pieces made. I just couldn’t bring myself to sew them all together in one big quilt so I’ve been using them on other projects, like my hexi pin cushion and now this! For this square I hand-stitched them all together and then trimmed it to the 6×6 size as requested. Love how it turned out!

I have a few other squares at the half finished point but the deadline for submissions isn’t until the end of July so I have plenty of time to make even more! Quilting with a conscience – I like it.