Appliqued Scatter Cushion

Oh look. Here I am showing off a basic cushion. Blogging has hit new and exciting heights, people.

diy heart applique scatter cushion

Looks like a cushion, smells like a cushion, acts like a cushion but it is so much more. This is an urgent reminder that I can actually sew. This mere cushion is a symbol of the end of my hibernation period. I’m back, bitches*.


My triumphant return began with a desperate need for curtains in the new house. Let me set the scene: New house. No curtain poles. Crippling fear of drilling holes in new walls. Lack of skills to install curtain poles, even if I wanted to. ‘Temporary’ solution of tension curtain rod in the bedroom that could only hold the weight of 2 sheer voiles before crashing to the ground.  Daylight streaming through the window at 4.30am. Waking up at 4.30am every single morning. Fixing that problem by buying 2 SUPER ATTRACTIVE sleep masks. ‘Temporary’ solution remaining for 8 weeks. Finally caving and admitting that we need actual curtains. Charging the drill and assembling all the parts necessary for curtain pole installation. Chickening out and calling my dad for help. Make my dad do the job while I critique his work. Finally have functioning, light-blocking curtains. Halle-freaking-lujah.

After hemming the curtains to fit the window I had some left-over fabric and this was the outcome. A very simple cushion, zip and all, will an appliqued heart motif because I’m so original.

image image

I basted the heart to the cushion first then used a really tight zig-zag stitch to enclose all the edges to make sure it wouldn’t fray. I think this is probably the first time I’ve done any proper applique-ing and I actually found it pretty therapeutic.


I padded it with a cheap Ikea pillow form and it’s now happily residing on our cloud-like bed. Thank goodness for simple and satisfying projects!

Mail Organiser

We have a problem in our house with mail. It’s EVERYWHERE and it’s driving me mental. The majority of our bills are electronic but for some stupid reason the gas and electricity company that we use insist on sending at least 2 copies of every bill! It’s infuriating! There’s paper everywhere and for a girl who lives and breathes in a digital world this is not good for my mental well-being. Not only do I have a postman to contend with, but the annoying man than lives in my house seems to breed paper products. I swear it multiplies in his pockets and then triples once it has escaped and litters the dining room table (which is the closest surface to the front door). I had a minor tantrum the other week and proclaimed that we needed a mail organiser ASAP, and I got one 🙂

mail organiser

Ta-da! How cute is this little fellow! I bet you would be surprised to know that this whole project (shelving, organiser, basket and candle) came together from things I had lying around the house and a couple of bits from TK Maxx. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of paint 🙂

I originally got the shelving unit for free on Gumtree when I was buying a bookcase because the owner was desperate to get rid of it. It started out as an odd orange-coloured wood and since we moved into the house it had acted as a depressed little bar. 3 coats of white paint later and it looks brand new!

mail organiser

The star of the show is this petite paper organiser which I picked up at TK Maxx for £4.99. It was originally a mustard yellow which could have been nice, but my living/dining room area is covered in bits of blue so out came the spray paint! A couple of coats of Plasti-kote Pacific Blue and we have an organiser that ties in with the rest of the room and adds a much-needed pop of colour.

The next level down hosts a big-ass candle, again from TK Maxx. Not much to say except it’s pretty and was less than a tenner.



On the bottom shelf I have a little basket which I already had kicking about the house which stores some napkins which match some of my living room cushions, because who doesn’t need those (damn you Ikea)! It’s also home to this little fellow all the way from Malta which Ian gave to me years ago.


Couldn’t be cuter if he tried.

So we now have a system that whenever a piece of paper comes in to the house it is dealt with immediately. If it needs further attention it goes in the organiser, if not then it goes in the bin. In theory it should work, but I have a squatter who doesn’t deal well with change so only time will tell!





New Cushions!

I am a sucker for a good throw pillow, and now that I can actually make my own, I get super excited about new cushions! Our living room was looking a bit lack-lustre and because we are renters, painting is pretty much out of the question so we have to made our mark with non-permanent things like NEW CUSHIONS!

new cushions

A couple of month’s ago I thought I had figured out what kind of look I wanted in there. Unsurprisingly that all changed due to a pair of flaming curtains. You see, the main problem with our cute-as-a-button house is that it is cold. Like DAMN COLD. So one prerequisite was that we would need some heavy-duty curtains to try and keep some of the heat in. I simply couldn’t find anything that I liked (or that wasn’t like a bajillion pounds)… until I found this set of Blekviva curtains from Ikea (surprise, surprise). They’re navy with an embroidered floral pattern and I knew that they would really warm the place up. Before I new it my ‘vision’ had changed and I was buying navy and white fabric in bulk*.

*side note: Navy and white it like my favourite colour combo. It basically makes up 3/4 of my wardrobe. I love a nautical stripe, so I do.

Have you ever been to the fabric department in Ikea? I absolutely love it! The prices are really reasonable and they let you cut your own pieces so no need to wait around for an assisitant. They also charge you buy weight instead of metre-age which I think is a nice touch. I bought the Angsruta and Blavinge fabrics to go with my curtains and couldn’t wait to whip them up into some sweet scatter cushions.

Blavinge fabric cushion

Angsruta fabric cushion

To tie everything in together I made up a couple of larger cushions with off-cuts of the curtains.

ikea curtains into cushions
Probably should have ironed them first…

They are all just simple envelope style pillows so if I ever get bored of them they will be easy to change out. That’s really all there is to it! It’s wonderful how some simple cushions can instantly change a room!






The £9 Rug!

Did you know that you can get a rug for £9? I didn’t until I popped into my local Ikea at the weekend to do some damage. I love the rug section of Ikea and as I was having a quick shifty, not looking to buy anything, I spotted a full-size rug for £9! I know what you’re thinking, it must be one of those thin, long hallway rugs which slide all over the place and are a bugger to hoover… NOPE. It is a bonafide low-pile rug with a completely inoffensive design! I actually couldn’t believe it and I’m sure I stood staring at other shoppers, giving them the stink-eye, waiting for them to spot the bargain too. When no one shared my disbelief, I grabbed the £9 rug in question and made a beeline for the checkout.

I was half expecting the real price to appear on the screen when I scanned it but nope.. Still £9! I avoided eye contact with the checkout Nazi supervisor and ran to my car before anyone could stop me.

cheap ikea rug hulsig rug £9

Here he is in all his glory… All 133 x 195cm of him! I threw the packaging away but my receipt tells me he is called Hulsig. I put my web-sleuth hat on and searched the Ikea website only to find that he is not listed anywhere. A further Google search returns 0 results for the line in question so if you’re after a decent rug and don’t want to spend the earth, then I suggest that you get to your local Ikea and grab the Hulsig £9 rug now!

cheap ikea rug hulsig rug £9

Living Room Revamp: Mood Board

The time has come to decorate my house!

Now, I wish I could tell you that I have BIG remodeling-painting-walls-cray-cray-colours plans but I live in a rented house so that won’t be the story. I’m very thankful that just before we moved in the whole house was given a fresh coat of white paint – no garish colours here! Whilst I love how clean it all (can) look it is severely lacking a bit of personalisation. The only room that looks like it’s had a bit of thought is our bedroom (see more on that here). Since we moved in 4 months ago, and with Christmas completely out of the way I think it’s time to make this house a home 🙂 Join me, why don’t you, for a spirited adventure into all things interior design with renters-limitations!

If you have spoken to me personally in the last 4 months, you will know that my house is COLD. Like Arctic conditions cold. This is due to the open plan rooms, minimal insulation, less than perfect window glazing and the fact that I hate paying bills. One of the big goals for the living room is to make it feel a hell of a lot warmer. We have a 2-seater and a 3-seater leather couches which are fab and belong to the owner so are staying put. There is also one of those fancy ‘fake’ fireplaces on the wall and a nest of 3 wooden tables which I thought I would hate but have come to love. The floors are all wooden which adds to the cold feel of the room so area rugs are essential!

It’s honestly taken me ages to decide how I can combine all of the things that can’t be changed with all of the Pinterest ideas that I wanted. My biggest challenge has been Charlie.

Charlie the couch, I have affectionately named him is a bit of a bugger really. He’s that odd colour in-between brown and black. At first I had it in my head that I wanted a navy and white theme with thick, heavy patterned curtains. Charlie put an abrupt end to that dream. Then I seen a monochrome delight with bold black and white striped furnishings but he put a stop to that one too. FINALLY I stumbled across a photo which had multi-coloured pillows with different patterns on a cream couch. Oh how badly I wanted that scene to be my living room! I was about to give up when it hit me – I could hide Charlie under cream throw, have those pillows and eat my cake too! Hooray! So here’s what I have so far…

Living Room Mood Board

That couch is meant to represent Charlie, even though that one is a bit lighter than he is. Read into that what you will. So my plan is to get a couple of plain cream throws and tuck them into the creavases of Charlie and just have his arms keeking out (ooh err!) All of those lovely fabric squares are from Plush Addict as the crafter in me has BIG plans to make cushions from them! I liked the thought of those colourful frames to tie in the colour a bit more and I think that the gold accents in the form of a lamp that I will be DIY’ing (watch this space) and those adorbz elephant bookends would ground everything.

I’ve been obsessed with that style of curtains for a long time (like a month) so I really want to make my own with a slightly thicker fabric. Depending on my mood I will probably try to line them to make them extra cosy, although I’m not sure how that will affect the drape of the curtains… we shall see!

It may not be to everyone’s taste (I’m still trying to convince Ian) but I’m very excited to make a start on this! I hope it turns out the way it looks in my head… If not then nothing’s permanent so I can change it at will!

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Christmas Countdown: Crafting fail

Ok, let’s get real for a second.

I like writing about my crafty endeavours as much as the next guy but I’m the first one to admit that they don’t always go to plan. This fact has never been more apparent when last week I tried to make my own snow globes.

I spotted this particular festive craft when I was flicking through Kirstie Allsopp’s Christmas Crafts book a few months ago and I knew I had to give it a shot. Kirstie is my spirit animal, you see, so anything she say’s is scripture in my opinion.

It seemed like such a simple thing to accomplish, and I had most of the supplies to hand. I purchased a couple of inexpensive Christmas cake toppers and sat down to get my craft on. That’s when it all went horribly wrong.

To be fair, I didn’t really follow any method. I had also seen people make beautiful snowglobes on Pinterest so I thought how hard could it really be?! This was my first mistake. I even had all the best intentions of creating my own tutorial… Oh how the mighty have fallen. Let me show you how it all descended into chaos.

This is the only time that I will say this but PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AS HOME. For the love of all that is holy don’t make my mistakes.

It started off so well… I gathered up all my supplies…

Then I spray painted the lid of my jar so it would look night and waiting the appropriate amount of time for it to dry like a good girl. Then I hot glued the little figurines to the inside of the lid and waited for them to dry too. Next up, I filled the jar with some water and squeezed in a good glob on liquid glucose to make the water thicker so that the glitter would slow down when it was shaken. Finally I poured in a good amount of glitter, and that’s where it all went horribly wrong…

I have no photo’s from this point on because it was just such a mess. The glitter all clumped together and the jar started leaking. The tree came loose and was floating about the jar of it’s own accord. You can imaging the anarchy. Needless to say I will not be attempting this again!

Have you ever had any crafting disasters?

Christmas Countdown: Christmas Decor Tour

This post is part of my Christmas Countdown series and you can read the previous post here
Christmas Home Tour with Boldly Gold

I know I’ve been a bit heavy on the Christmas decorating posts but I couldn’t resist pulling them all together in one place! It’s gonna be a long, picture-heavy post so I hope you’re settled with a cup of something hot! Let me show you inside my very own winter wonderland 🙂

Before you even step into my house you are greeted by my DIY Burlap Wreath!

Burlap wreath

The first stop is the dining room and obviously my Christmas Tree has pride of place right next to the window. If you haven’t already guessed my decorating theme is a very traditional red and gold!

Christmas Tree

Under the tree is, unsurprisingly, a tree skirt which I made at my quilting class 🙂 This was a really easy thing to make, even for a total beginner!

Tree Skirt

I have a very Christmassy table-runner on the dining room table which is another trial from my quilting class! I can’t tell you how proud I am of it and even though it’s a bit wonky, I totally love it!

Table Runner

I must confess that both the table runner and tree skirt arn’t exactly finished… Who knew that quilting is a very time-consuming (and money-consuming) hobby! I had to include them in the post for posterity 🙂

Into the living room I have my DIY Christmas Cushions on each couch, along a singing Santa baby! Too. Cute.

Christmas Cushions

On top of the fire place I have a beautiful garland which I think belongs to my mum (sorry), some more Christmas friends and our stockings which I made last year…


Yes there’s one for the hamster.

Ian ironing in the background, where he belongs.

Over by the window I have a cute ornament hanging out on the curtain pole…


In the far corner of the living room I have our 2nd tree set up! This one is a fibre optic affair and it’s sole purpose is allowing me to say that I have 2 Christmas trees.

xmas tree 2

Working our way around the living room, I have our DIY Advent Calendar hung on the wall, and no Christmas would be complete without a Poinsettia!



Nearing the end now, I promise!

Handing over the arch I have last year’s Christmas garland from Marks & Sparks… sorry for the terrible quality of the picture.

let it snow

And finally, I strung up some beads along my bannister! I had planned to go out and buy a proper garland but Ian put the kibosh on that one! Regardless, I love it so very much although no one is allowed to touch the bannister while it’s in place #safetyhazzard.


So there it is! A complete tour of my Christmas décor 🙂 I’ve been waiting to publish this post for DAYS now and I get so excited every time I look at it! It’s things like this that get my motor running.

If you have any Christmas décor tours to share then I would love to have a peek! Just leave a link in the comments section.