Project Life 2016

In January 2015, I decided to start scrapbooking using the Project Life system and it was the best decision I made that year. Without even realising it I managed to document some of the best trips I’ve ever been on and our pretty spectacular engagement, so there was no way I was giving it up in 2016. I still really love scrapbooking but have found I’ve settled into a style with my layouts which really makes things a lot easier (and I’m not hoarding supplies like a crazy person).

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

At the start of the year I bought the Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kitย which is just the most perfect selection of cards to suite my style. I loved the challenge last year of creating layouts using a different colour theme every month, but there’s something about the cohesiveness of this year’s pages that just gives me old big heart eyes.

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

Can you tell I like black, white & gold? I love how this kit has those colours in abundance as well as some key accent colours which I can use when the mood strikes me. Here’s some of my favourite cards from the past few months.

project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout project life 2016 Liz Tamanaha Everyday Edition kit layout

I probably won’t be sharing my Project Life spreads every month like I did last year, but maybe every now and again I’ll pop in a post to share some of my favourite moments throughout the year. The main thing is, I love Project Life and there is absolutely no stopping me!

Complete: December Daily 2015

Time to show off my December Daily album for 2015! I really enjoyed putting this together as a totally separate entity and I can only imagine that I’ll do the same this year ๐Ÿ™‚ It may be even better if I followed some prompts… Not sure whether to make up my own or follow someone else who’s doing it online? Anyway, here’s my full album in all it’s glory!

december daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbookingdecember daily 2015 project life scrapbooking

Having a prepared December Daily kit really helped me save so much time when scrapping this album, and sticking to only 2 paper pads as well as random scraps really makes the whole thing flow so much better. It was great not having to rummage around for supplies for embellishments so I’ll definitely be using this method more throughout the year. I can see now why pre-made kits are so addictive! I thought I would struggle with getting photos from every day but it was actually fine! This 4×4 album was perfect for scrapping each day and the 2×2 pockets allowed me to use a few pictures for the one day if I needed to. So that’s all my projects for 2015 completely finished! I was going to share my monthly project life spread for December but it seems a bit redundant now. Looking forward to cracking on with scrapbooking for 2016!

December Daily

Ooh-cha Beastie! I’m taking my scrapbooking obsession to a whole new level this month and participating in December Daily where I scrap every day for the whole month! This excites me to no end as I love both Christmas and Scrapbooking, and this is definitely the month where there’s a lot going on!

december daily title card 2015

I’ve decided to use a small 4×4 album which I picked up earlier in the year by We are Memory Keepers but I have purchased a few special things to make my album all the more festive. I thought it would be a good idea to make up a bit of a kit that I could have on hand, ready to go for the whole month so that I’m not raking about for supplies every day. This also means that my scrapbook will have 1 general colour scheme running through it for the whole month which will make it a bit more cohesive.

Most of these supplies are from Hobbycraft which I bought during their Black Friday sale weekend – can’t beat 20% off the entire store! I’ve checked their website and most of the thing aren’t there but I’ve tried to link to as many things as possible so if you see something you fancy, I’m making your crafty shopping that bit easier. Call me an enabler ๐Ÿ™‚

december daily scrapbooking kit

I’ve put the whole December Daily kit together in a small carry folder so it’s easy to grab when I have a minute to update the album. For photos, I’ve just decided to print them at home to save me having to go to boots every few days. Thankfully my printer is pretty good for photos – it’s a HP Photosmart 6520eย if you’re interested!

As we’re well into December now, I’ll leave you with a peek at some of the completed days ๐Ÿ™‚

december daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015imadecember daily title card 2015edecember daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015december daily title card 2015

July Project Life

Hola Chicas. I’m back from holiday number 2 and eagerly anticipating holiday number 3 which is less than a month away. You would think that as I’ve JUST BOUGHT A HOUSE, the holidays would be on hold, but noooooo. That’s right Ian and I have signed our lives away and are now completely tied into a mortgage on a beautiful new house just outside of Glasgow. It’s not quite sunk in yet for me, even though I’ve been running all over the joint picking out kitchens, tiles and all the other mad decisions you have to make with a new build. Still not 100% sure everything is going to go together, and if it doesn’t then I’ll just act like I meant for the house to look like it was decorated by blind toddlers. Anyway I’ll have a bit more on our ‘journey’ (sorry, couldn’t resist the blogger cliche) in a separate post some time soon. In the meantime lets get to the real point at hand – my July Project Life spread

july project life

I really like the colour scheme for this month but I can’t remember for the life of me what brand the papers are from! I think it’s a simple stories paper pad but I’m probably completely wrong. What I can tell you is that it’s full of pretty colours, ice creams, florals and geometric prints. I kept the embellishments pretty simple with a few wood veneers and some stamping with my new favourite letter set from Dovecraft. So what did I get up to? Well we ironically celebrated the 4th of July at a friend’s house with red solo cups, a BBQ and beer pong which ended with me completely inebriated. Might of had something to do with replacing the beer in ‘beer pong’ with gin. Gin pong. That’s 25 for you ladies and gentlemen.

Also of note was Ian’s sister graduating from university and we all went out to Grill on the Corner to celebrate. We were looking after her dog while they were off on holiday which was an eye-opener to say the least. Pippin is my favourite dog in the whole wide world but there’s no way I could have a pup of my own! Hats off to everyone that manages it. Finally, the big news on this page was us buying our first house! Ian and I have been living together for just over 3 years now and it’s always been in rented properties. It feels absolutely amazing to be able to buy our own place and when we told our families Ian’s mum gave us a big box of Tunnock’s goodies to celebrate. This makes sense because our house is in Uddingston right behind the Tunnock’s factory. Teacakes are Scotland’s best invention, in my humble opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

july project life

You may have noticed that I’m only showing off 1 page of the spread as the 2nd was mostly about a friend’s passing out parade from Police school. For very obvious privacy reasons you won’t see any of that here but I will tell you that it was an absolutely lovely day! The only bits of that page I’m happy to share are some cupcakes and a cute picture of Ian and I at the aforementioned celebratory dinner.

july project life

That’s it for July, but let me tell you August will be a doosey! It’s my Birthday and I’ll also have a spread dedicated to my girlie holiday… well for the PG pictures anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

April Project Life

I’m ready to show my April Project Life Spread ๐Ÿ™‚

April project life

So what happened in April? Well at the beginning of the month I spent a day in Edinburgh with my Mum and Nana whilst wearing an obnoxiously large hat which was fun. One of our friends came to stay over the Easter weekend and it was just lovely to see his wee face ๐Ÿ™‚ We also spent a bit of time looking at houses (eek!)

project life spread

I love the Think Happy be Happy card in this spread. It’s actually the thank you card that came with my first messy box subscription.

think happy be happy messy box project life

The 2nd page of this spread mostly details our trip to Aberdeen to see all our old Uni friends. That place is seriously my heart home and I cry every time I have to leave. While we were there we spent a day in the sun at Crathes Castle, made our own selfie stick (emphasis on the stick), went out for a lush Turkish dinner and topped it all off with a pint in 6 Degrees North. I also got a haircut.

project life april

Love this card from a My Minds Eye collection which I found in TK Maxx. Honestly that place is a treasure trove for scrapbooking supplies.

my minds eye project life scrapbook card

I also added a new section to this spread in the form of an 6×8 pocket. I’ve been looking for a way to include my favourite books, movies and TV shows, and this extra space is perfect without cluttering up the main spread.

extra insert project life aprilextra insert project life april

I really like how I can add in my favourites of the month to the spread which will be nice to look back on. I’ve also implemented a star system for rating things because who doesn’t love using cute star stamps?

Project Life Organisation

So Project Life has basically taken over my actual life and I simply don’t give a damn – I LOVE IT! Honestly never thought I would be one for properly scrapbooking but how wrong I was. I have to say that this obsession has a lot to do with how simple Project life makes things, and how flexible it can be whilst maintaining a structure which I’m all about. I’ve been working on my first album for 3 months now and with it comes at lot of stuff. There’s cards and glue and scissors and photos and stamps and 101 other bits that make up a scrapbooking kit. It was all getting a bit overwhelming and I needed some serious Project Life organisation so thankfully I’ve found a neat little storage system to keep things in hand.

project life scrapbook organisation

Yes, it’s an acrylic cube container. Not exactly mind blowing stuff ย but it’s working really well for me! I actually found it in the clearance aisle of TK Maxx for ยฃ5.99 because it has a scratch on the bottom (which you can’t even see) so we’ll thank the discount gods and move on. All of the compartments are the perfect size for storing my PL cards and tools that need to be easy to grab.

project life scrapbook organisation acrylic tray

So what’s in my container of goodies? Well the stars of the show are my Project Life cards in 3×4 and 4×6 from. The former are separated into 3 compartments and the larger cards all fit in one. I also keep an inkpad behind the 3x4s.

project life scrapbook organisation PL cards

In the middle section I keep some wood veneers for embellishing, my corner punch, embossing label maker and date stamp.

project life scrapbook organisation

The left-hand corner holds glue, a tape roller, all my pens and a pair of paper scissors.

project life scrapbook organisation

Finally, the back of the organiser holds clear stamps, stickers, roller stamps, glue dots and a stamp block. This is also where I keep my DIY phrase stamp and all the little bits that go with it.

image image

So there’s my organised scrapbooking kit. It sits on the chest of drawers next to my desk so everything’s within arms reach and it’s just so handy! I don’t know about you, but if I find myself in a bit of a creative rut organising something usually brings me out of it and this was the perfect project. No more hunting for supplies and I actually use everything in my stash now which is ideal since I’m on a crafts spending ban for #OperationMortgage. If you enjoyed this post then stick around because I found the perfect way to corral the horde of washi tape that’s accumulated on my desk! Organising craft supplies is my jam.

Embossed Label Maker

I have a new tool to share with you! As part of my Project Life obsession and my quest to own ALL THE THINGS, I have acquired quite an obscure tool. May I present the embossed label maker.

embossed label maker

My love for labeling things knows no bounds so when I seen this listed on NotOnTheHighStreet it went straight into my basket. I had a gift voucher which was burning a hole in my pocket so I was happy to spend it on something which might up my scrapbooking game.

embossed label maker

It’s essentially a very basic punch. You feed the tape into one end, twist the dial to the letter you want and then press down on the clamp to emboss the label. Twist the dial to your next letter and repeat. Once you’re done, select the cutting notch and then pull out you’re completed label – ta-dah!

embossed label maker how to useembossed label maker

The set came with a selection of 5 coloured tapes but I also bought the add of for the neon set because I’m a sucker for pretty things. It’s obviously by no means necessary to own this little contraption but I just love the little extra it adds to my scrapbook layouts!ย Not only have I been using this for scrapbooking, I’ve finally gotten round to labelling the storage bins in my craft room so that’s pretty exciting. Try not to be too jealous of my jet-set lifestyle.